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  1. 1.In the hunt for revolutionary paramilitaries old training unit
  2. 2.Where one is likely to find artistic impressions mostly drawn at the end of 24 down
  3. 3.Fuel plant housing top-ranking German car manufacturer
  4. 4.Suspension of work in 4 down
  5. 5.Drugs for scratching the head, irritating skin problem and increasing fertility
  6. 6.Some investigate austerity in Madeira?
  7. 7.Characters under a spell by instrument in The Carpenters Collection
  8. 8.Queen, The Clash, or Chicago, in the gambling sense in Finland?
  9. 9.At this moment briefly more strung out? Not any more!
  10. 10.Nuts from tungsten produced by refined chap
  11. 11.Accountant is depressed about the foreign ring and thats picked up by the barman
  12. 12.Make a scene opening 11 across
  13. 13.A bad start is typical of eccentric
  14. 14.Local criticises sounds from The Doors
  15. 15.Lesser play about Street is like A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  16. 16.He prepares the magazine with pieces on American university hospital
  17. 17.Very cheeky foreign politician gets to study after university consumed by information technology
  18. 18.Frost, for example, at both ends of Powell Street
  19. 19.Stores the wine for 100 local grills
  20. 20.Columnists getting grief from relatives
  21. 21.Shady types from card game school
  22. 22.Casanovas dramatic productions about early man?
  23. 23.Primitive organisation linked to Cosmopolitan
  24. 24.Admit Che Guevara hasnt upset a large part of North Africa
  25. 25.Members of Metallica feeling out of place promoting Hot Chocolate
  26. 26.A foreign figure running paper cant be counted on
  27. 27.Mafia boss recalls losing the head with police department as the deal is off locally!
  28. 28.Limits packs of cards in writers blocks