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  1. 1.Ram shearing article taken from paper
  2. 2.Covers up the wounds in groups over the 1960s, for instance
  3. 3.Nearly fool heartless Bellow by acting stupid
  4. 4.Canal flowing around area in old capital
  5. 5.Leave quarters to most of the general staff perhaps in Waterford
  6. 6.Byrne on the radio to interrogate local cook
  7. 7.Its not hard to find policeman from The Yard and that wont appear in print
  8. 8.19 down from institute on holiday found answers
  9. 9.Its about what the secretary will do to confirm a password
  10. 10.Incompetent writer backs into it
  11. 11.Fool of doctor finds vermin back in Ireland
  12. 12.Strip down parts of shotgun? Right!
  13. 13.Dump nosey model making a new name for herself
  14. 14.Sidney follows whats trending and outstanding from Machiavellian type
  15. 15.Deliberately concealed theres no initial sense in Ulster-Irish alternative
  16. 16.Protected the elders all over the place
  17. 17.Centre of attention in red-hot Sunday best!
  18. 18.Looks presenter in the eye for putting words in the mouth of broadcaster
  19. 19.Calm down, theres a boat on the way
  20. 20.Kept in check by writer knocking back local plonk
  21. 21.Advertised without dates for excursion
  22. 22.Its an outrage starting off from main artery going up to Dublin, for example
  23. 23.Is capable of changing and playing diva tape
  24. 24.Hurry through exercise for director in Gate finale - its the ultimate
  25. 25.Tries hard for specialists dismissing pressure
  26. 26.Follower of Iron Maiden loses dare
  27. 27.Sounds like something Santa would give to the ghost of Christmas past presumably
  28. 28.Diagram of plans from Persian Gulf