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  1. 1.Frightened by jockey, mare, lad?
  2. 2.Opens the youthful Rieslings, ending with an old Port
  3. 3.Escaping from batch processing in the soup kitchen
  4. 4.On the hop from second class? One of The Little Rascals!
  5. 5.Elite from Palestine or Split
  6. 6.Moves synonymous with all sides today
  7. 7.Wish I could help by coming up with old forensic evidence on fleece
  8. 8.Cohort of the characters appear loud in the House of Lords
  9. 9.Make up your mind for half of those in the bar
  10. 10.Trim museum of shoddy jewellery
  11. 11.Cake in front of gourmet to go with a drink that needs topping-up
  12. 12.Is not straight with revolutionary cadre
  13. 13.Bohemians missing home in the valley
  14. 14.Spies American reporting Lou
  15. 15.Ill at ease at a wake? You wont relax if you do that!
  16. 16.Some understood a Kim Philby-type, in retrospect, had a powerful influence on Japan in the past
  17. 17.Go on a date to old French bar and cause trouble
  18. 18.Resistance to old neighbours letters from ship
  19. 19.Get the message, Earl is travelling to Spain
  20. 20.Precious stone dug up in part of summertime garden
  21. 21.Frapp? - a refreshing bottle for the conference
  22. 22.One of the Seven Dwarfs got out of bed on the wrong side
  23. 23.English father consumed by con job and criminal ideas is leaving the post
  24. 24.Narrow ones search, as it is missing from Patisserie
  25. 25.Do ones best gin cocktail - its not easy
  26. 26.Means to an end for Carol taking in retired cat prowler, the lead from The Rock
  27. 27.Turns up, one pool is cold for duck and a number of molluscs
  28. 28.Cats and dogs picked up by the guards - surprisingly, its more than one issue from previous union
  29. 29.Leading criminal boss steals from board members
  30. 30.Brutal unpleasant smell near area in public house
  31. 31.The new rich prince in Stuart Reformation
  32. 32.In memory of English detective from The Wire - Hitchcocks central character
  33. 33.Agent of tenant farmer leaves transfer payment
  34. 34.Source from abroad opens intoxicating Merlot wine
  35. 35.Hate leaving each other in the autumnal shade
  36. 36.Shipping figures mood overwhelms Harry
  37. 37.Globe cast primarily from The Glass ...?
  38. 38.Probe stuck in a portion of the minute steak