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  1. 1.Sobers up giving a miss to pub for wine lovers
  2. 2.Casual girlfriends tend to go out at night with flighty types
  3. 3.Has no home in Sheikdom and thats a record
  4. 4.Roots of old revolutionary Rising
  5. 5.Grounds for listing airports near decisive summits
  6. 6.Relative welcomes finish by forward
  7. 7.French occupation of Libya starts with double cross
  8. 8.Points finger at current clubs taking drugs
  9. 9.Find oneself up the creek, acres from where the stock can be found?
  10. 10.Place for raising some of the quintuplets
  11. 11.Devotedly missing love from cuddly one
  12. 12.One of those things from church roof
  13. 13.Decides to use toads swimming around top of pool
  14. 14.Type of network for gangster and those folks with nothing scheduled in Montes Alpes, for instance
  15. 15.Its going to be tight in new Dart
  16. 16.Tasteless plot - youd expect to get better if you were in it?
  17. 17.Cut in credit for middleman would make you sick
  18. 18.In spite of piano stool lacking a lot
  19. 19.Superpower provides key to Crimea suffering
  20. 20.Caution butcher for selling lots
  21. 21.Ill at ease at a wake? You wont relax if you do that!
  22. 22.Serving a university thats plainly on the rise
  23. 23.Harbour around Point - God knows where that is!
  24. 24.Rendezvous with trains coming off main street
  25. 25.Gem dealer confused over whats on top of moonstone
  26. 26.Recognise cream is not in date
  27. 27.First opening scene mixed-up by those defining the parameters around The Gate
  28. 28.Place of honour perhaps for Patricks equivalent in Wales
  29. 29.Educationalist retires in impoverishment
  30. 30.Part of The House reveals everything targeted by those flighty types in the travel industry
  31. 31.Derbyshire rejects heresy by Swift
  32. 32.Old newspaper raised the issue of responsibility
  33. 33.Throw into bottle or pot?
  34. 34.Cuts a rough diamond perhaps and is investigated for online fraud
  35. 35.It holds the line around park to ward off intruders
  36. 36.Taoiseach content with the natural border between Ireland and Britain, for example
  37. 37.Couple of pirates set off
  38. 38.In a slavish way, Liberia originally provided the song for America?