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  1. 1.Local informer on border produced the gear for the summer months on the beach?
  2. 2.Involvement in a party atmosphere
  3. 3.Two states producing sparkling wine
  4. 4.In a way, our Sligo gets fabulous weather
  5. 5.Turns over a manuscript with intent leading to a bad atmosphere, in a literary sense
  6. 6.Finishes with alternative comic and works in The Garden with mimics
  7. 7.The consequences of what happened occurred to the prodigal birds when they got broody
  8. 8.Earliest models produced by the workshops
  9. 9.Rows with co-authors losing touch
  10. 10.Computer produced by graduate teachers mostly under the cosh
  11. 11.Recall characters in pickup? Maverick is to get a facelift!
  12. 12.Afro-American dismisses moaner in Chads home
  13. 13.Observed Old Bob getting around Iris with diamonds
  14. 14.A course in Callanetics?
  15. 15.Made to back out of break dance
  16. 16.Keep under hat poor result and broadcast nothing
  17. 17.Introduces 17 down to range
  18. 18.Turns up, no teacher will take first puff of American joint
  19. 19.Get wind of the fact detectives given protection
  20. 20.Translate email about law enforcement agency - not the hostile type
  21. 21.Fight over state rule by blockhead or clever clogs
  22. 22.Star director included in the cast
  23. 23.Cook farm hens for a student of the first course presumably
  24. 24.Refer to review in The Ticket
  25. 25.Backed trademark narrative position of major employer
  26. 26.One of the Bakers opens it for group of witches heading off with inverted crucifix
  27. 27.A pinch of salt - is that what Thomas is famous for?
  28. 28.Mix up blood group - is that what The Bank is supposed to do?