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  1. 1.Dismiss rest of livestreamed content as terribly old-fashioned?
  2. 2.Carrier indicates contents of tube are ruined
  3. 3.Strangely vocal middlemen encountered in recess
  4. 4.Ape noted in brown log-book, every so often
  5. 5.Has two meals provided to some of the panel
  6. 6.Captain supplied with kit, including helmet
  7. 7.Might have a hope of finding bear by second lake, if they take risk
  8. 8.Having problems with the croutons there?
  9. 9.Angry expression results in fight that splits extremist faction
  10. 10.Epigram slotted into essay, ingeniously
  11. 11.Inconsiderately leaving incense around, in a display of devotion
  12. 12.Ring after the third, they said, to summon them
  13. 13.Go one better and expose social group
  14. 14.Firm with company kept by second daughter who supplied drink
  15. 15.Comes out of bathroom with dirty instrument
  16. 16.Implement this as an alternative, after getting one of the uprights
  17. 17.Big deal if ad has been axed - as it turns out, it's rubbish
  18. 18.Diminutive academic, scratching head of dog, is regarded as very insightful
  19. 19.It's foolish for breeding establishment to admit odd pair
  20. 20.Heartless traitor takes over, briefly, and reveals stash of goodies
  21. 21.All for heartening king with act of goodwill
  22. 22.Used to purchase something precious by eccentric
  23. 23.Big star, perhaps, following comeback, will express appreciation?
  24. 24.Before reaching valley, disheartened naturalist demonstrates that it's widespread
  25. 25.Biographer suggested Scandinavian fellow was after gold
  26. 26.Hindu celebrity might secretly persuade them
  27. 27.International organisation, they discover, is very skilled and impossible to find
  28. 28.Sons must chop half of these, but there's such a lot