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Irish Times Crosaire - Solution For Crossword Date - 3-March-2021
Irish Times Crosaire - Solution For Crossword Date - 2-March-2021
Irish Times Crosaire - Solution For Crossword Date - 1-March-2021
  1. 1.A name given to the FBI by barman taking ecstasy with Poles over time
  2. 2.A part of the golf course cut short for society matches
  3. 3.A retweet from Juliet, a culture vulture
  4. 4.A sinister developing projection by Spud at large in Clare
  5. 5.A street sweeper ultimately with job taking in old, great river is predictably a harbinger of things to come
  6. 6.Advantages ignoring vast list of items
  7. 7.Article on horse left in winter coat, for instance? Right, and a flyer depending on which way the wind is blowing
  8. 8.Be resentful of English ivy on the borders
  9. 9.Challenge Robin to leave boyfriend
  10. 10.Cider producers gala for those in 24 across on bender
  11. 11.Come down the mountain with braking system and tell the tale in retrospect
  12. 12.Crafty type of hot drink outside
  13. 13.Created a sketch thats weird without single backtrack
  14. 14.Describes the English language in a manner of speaking at independent college
  15. 15.Detectives work out how to cross Swords
  16. 16.Get worked up over final quote from former partner
  17. 17.Go into heal sick, devout type in study
  18. 18.Is able to get this mostly from the corner of ones eyes
  19. 19.Local plain vanilla is a dime a dozen?
  20. 20.Mark produces cocktail without cola
  21. 21.Most of those in 8 across find half the teachers in 25 across leave a dispute unsolved
  22. 22.Produced by crude types - an ecological disaster film about the ocean?
  23. 23.Provide instructions to law partner?
  24. 24.Recorder captures the Spanish orchestra - the first producing trademark material thats tight with its hooks and loops
  25. 25.Set piece about California detectives living in a fantasy world
  26. 26.Some extreme diary jottings from postmen - the types guarding the post?
  27. 27.Sounds like its plain to see in The Cherry Orchard
  28. 28.Such upset over a leggy bird from the garden centre - a relative of the Mallow Family
  29. 29.Altercation with Nazi leader in Downfall?
  30. 30.Bottle of Cassis terrifically produced by the brothers sibling
  31. 31.Check out devices the medical practitioners use?
  32. 32.Escort is well off from the start
  33. 33.Hypothesis leads to extremes? The rest is history!
  34. 34.Keeping an eye on those with records working at the station
  35. 35.Occasional short exercise for a backward police department
  36. 36.Oral examinations of what Port Authority produced by opening 18 across and sampling whats on offer at close quarters
  37. 37.Panegyrics to Shoshone and Navajo, for example, found across Utah
  38. 38.Putting away the champagne as 21 across briefly is taking in Manhattan, for example
  39. 39.Question in court for vet in a bad mood from the start
  40. 40.Relax after work or finish first close to Coalisland in Ulster
  41. 41.Remove restrictions in Donegal protecting ugly coronet
  42. 42.Resonantly drops rate for leggy types
  43. 43.Rips through the script, page-by-page, for one of those making cuts in The Office
  44. 44.Sharp slope initially for the Dubs overlooking bottom corner
  45. 45.Some will want to jump on this fashionable type of tour bus
  46. 46.Spuds getting fried in college by teacher ramping up pressure and is starting to stress
  47. 47.Starter on Chinese course? Oriental nag - the type thats bound to have some horsepower!
  48. 48.State reception for head doing all the talking
  49. 49.Ted Harris mysteriously gives his all
  50. 50.Theyre drunk in all directions around the institute
  51. 51.Theyre not what one expects in the story of The Kinks
  52. 52.Ticket holders perhaps go back and forth on a rainy day
  53. 53.Tracks one employing clowns across island with temperature
  54. 54.Upsetting difference of opinion with heartless witness is not getting any better
  55. 55.Where you might find the group in nervous toil without Elvis?
  56. 56.Withdraw a statement about gangster fronting Camorra in Tuscany region not willing to accept discipline
  57. 57.A very small measure of strong rum in the morning
  58. 58.Babes lover mistaken and everyone can see it
  59. 59.Chap from pharmacy is a major employer
  60. 60.Confront smart aleck letting off arms
  61. 61.For starters, were in this together, yet it sounds comical
  62. 62.Its grey, for example, without you at a party in America
  63. 63.Knocked back sample of Burkina Faso masala for sale in Indian food market
  64. 64.Maintains a garden at the end of the rainbow with wild aster
  65. 65.Make clear large desire to find informer in Ireland
  66. 66.Music employed on boat by a romantic partner
  67. 67.Nice finish by a length - its what your banker will give you! How can the bookmaker be happy with that?
  68. 68.One of those old crafty producers who invested in animal conservation?
  69. 69.Outcome of Ulster Question?
  70. 70.Philosophy about race origins initially will leave its mark
  71. 71.Pine or ivory twin heads on taps?
  72. 72.Pork pie, for instance, for first course thats hot from recipe - the type sailors on deck are likely to access
  73. 73.Profile both sides fall from grace
  74. 74.Prom is in complex with lock-up
  75. 75.Relative welcomes a close relative from large port to a dinner in Madrid
  76. 76.Retire from Takeaway
  77. 77.Rotter makes a comeback
  78. 78.Staggers back around island from the bar
  79. 79.Supports sending back some of Irelands diaspora
  80. 80.Thrashing around with GI? Fall in roughly!
  81. 81.Unsustainable cod in chipper perhaps is completely unsuitable to the environment it finds itself in (1,4,3,2,5)
  82. 82.What student presumably took before giving up education for good? Thatll be sweet!
  83. 83.Whistle-blower bringing up workers leaders touting strike incites trouble
  84. 84.Without 26 across you wont catch this in school
  85. 85.Allowances for taking up Indian instrument getting to grips with a fair amount of record
  86. 86.Appointment in hospital for blogger
  87. 87.Bottled up by Arabian Nights hostelry
  88. 88.Champion whats covered up by beach erosion
  89. 89.Crude types of fresh soil
  90. 90.Did some pressing work for Oscar in new diner
  91. 91.Discover taking in long article by one of those in the European Union
  92. 92.Disease in circulation on the Banna Strand
  93. 93.Figures from really good old book
  94. 94.Get entangled with imp leaving Memphis
  95. 95.Heat from pilot whale typically found on top of the bed
  96. 96.Hinted drunk took mature spirits from Down
  97. 97.Horrified dropping hi-fi system
  98. 98.Investor brought up in Surrey ubiquitously
  99. 99.Jockeys silks, for example, in stable
  100. 100.Leads numerous navigators in circumnavigating ancient mariners river

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