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Irish Times Crosaire - Solution For Crossword Date - 19-January-2019
Irish Times Crosaire - Solution For Crossword Date - 18-January-2019
Irish Times Crosaire - Solution For Crossword Date - 17-January-2019
  1. 1.A gathering of the fathers in Trent, for example
  2. 2.A job for a detective following 6 down briefly with cuckoo
  3. 3.A medical condition got up someones nose perhaps in nation state
  4. 4.A wake-up call for team sacrificed by Alma Mater
  5. 5.Amongst headbangers in bar
  6. 6.Behind the counter at the banks or in the public house
  7. 7.Bit of breakfast undercooked served up with crackers
  8. 8.Bitter - British type of beer mostly filled to the brim
  9. 9.Blew out by that man arresting paramilitaries starting the dynamiting
  10. 10.Brave getting off river boat in violent disorder
  11. 11.Confirmation of mass meeting
  12. 12.Could be the means to a marriage of convenience for those joining union in the presence of the Father of the Chapel
  13. 13.Cut of endless fish taken home by fishermen around end of pier
  14. 14.Doctor tries to have a look at the paper again
  15. 15.Drunk beer from Switzerland that will blow your head off if its loaded
  16. 16.Eased off headwaiters with spirit
  17. 17.Eastern warrior reflects spirit in revolutionary Asia
  18. 18.Get lost in Tibet? A mistake!
  19. 19.Gorilla throws away log from the animal house
  20. 20.Guard, engineer, nurse, butcher?
  21. 21.Have the nerve to read novel
  22. 22.Horrified dropping hi-fi system
  23. 23.King Lear loses ring in the cabbage patch perhaps
  24. 24.Local criminal isnt finished putting pressure on American city creating excitement
  25. 25.Most of the Irishmen in new craft coming off the motorway perhaps
  26. 26.One of the family characters in background admonished
  27. 27.One serial adaptation of Living in the Middle East
  28. 28.Orchestra to open with church cover, for the most part, by one of The Hothouse Flowers
  29. 29.Part of the Felixstowe beach synonymous with surfing
  30. 30.Pointed the finger at copper involved in new case leading to detention
  31. 31.Secure a demonstration within study
  32. 32.Snob blended amidst characters with dope
  33. 33.Some gorgeous lavender found in The Balkans
  34. 34.Test try?
  35. 35.To divert assets from workers home is not on
  36. 36.Turns up, Ireland has a gent with no heart in charge of The House
  37. 37.Visible landmark overlooking The Abbey, the Pro-Cathedral and The Spire
  38. 38.What court entertainer is capable of coming back in state carriage
  39. 39.Bumper duck starter for meal
  40. 40.Decent half of the city to live in
  41. 41.Detectives in with that woman from IT - give her nothing
  42. 42.Determined attempt to initially entice force to go to old army stronghold
  43. 43.Express dissatisfaction with Otis being taking off compilations
  44. 44.Helicopters dropping off richest staff
  45. 45.Hides half of Jacobs smokes
  46. 46.Insulted cast off the record
  47. 47.Its a job for the journalist to chew the fat with pre-eminent prop from the start
  48. 48.Large scale concealment of vine pickings
  49. 49.Most of those in 14 down following one of Marys followers from the butchers
  50. 50.No art in satirical piece coming from The Stones perhaps
  51. 51.Novice edits novel on the stock exchange?
  52. 52.One of the best singers to have talked presumably about the hallowed turf of Croke Park
  53. 53.Opening that paper for nice friends causes waves of disturbances
  54. 54.Order in mink dress with order for robe
  55. 55.Party abandons property tax for those consumers living aboard
  56. 56.Refer to bit of Medici testament
  57. 57.Relapse on a train - despite the ups and downs, presumably flying now!
  58. 58.Revolutions upsetting Bath, for instance, and Limerick
  59. 59.Rig leaves Algiers destined for the public houses
  60. 60.Some prominent follower upset by one of those over the stable
  61. 61.Splits college dances
  62. 62.Stanley and Diana join school working as substitute teachers
  63. 63.Support on Lansdowne Road is in ones DNA
  64. 64.Thieving bird of copper consumed by wise guys from Spain
  65. 65.What that murderous lot in The Palace did about soldier not finishing drink
  66. 66.Who had problem with room on back of Jumbo?
  67. 67.A vicar prepared a fancy spread
  68. 68.Casting a shadow over Oriental part of the film with local rat
  69. 69.Circulates missing tale - the one with the clowns
  70. 70.Club let in drunk regular
  71. 71.Commercial vehicle for major employer
  72. 72.Coppers agree to leave Greenpeace
  73. 73.Drink order with selection of fruit
  74. 74.Explains the meaning of virago falling off moving staircase
  75. 75.Flee from free lunch to make the butter
  76. 76.Frank Pound had to keep mum in Stalinist Russia
  77. 77.How is it great at dance party to be sober?
  78. 78.Local quarrel crosses line on small pitch - the visitors with the gift of the gab might have been touched by this
  79. 79.Macs rice bake produced in the oven
  80. 80.Make a lot of noise about one hundred thousand and a fair amount of rest in the band playing music
  81. 81.Most of the row with a couple of firms is concerned with fussy architectural style
  82. 82.Old people leaving church heretics
  83. 83.Older sort of address in Madrid protecting Third Reich
  84. 84.One of the lads admits energy is not expensive
  85. 85.Plato was once the talk of the Mediterranean
  86. 86.Poison in cure leads to convictions
  87. 87.Releases where one engages the props at the start of 6 down
  88. 88.Ruby gets engineer to stop new plan
  89. 89.Showed indifference mostly reserved for Rocky
  90. 90.Soldier arrests elderly Frenchman with a fair amount of wine from lucrative venture
  91. 91.Sounds like something youd hear reverberating around an empty room as Clare falls over slippery shoe
  92. 92.Take out Ted Lee Duff
  93. 93.The Messenger found in Des Kellys?
  94. 94.They look after Holly and Laurel in Cyprus its said, for those working in The Theatre
  95. 95.Allegiance to a lefty movement
  96. 96.Coach admits 50 per cent commerce is key for Lullaby
  97. 97.Doing nothing for banks on the way out
  98. 98.First class, for example, has nothing that will play on your mind perhaps
  99. 99.Forbids public houses serving drink
  100. 100.Groundwork for showing off cars here

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