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  1. 1.Information on modified rice not under patent
  2. 2.Backed excellent drink with this cigar
  3. 3.Agreement favouring skinflint getting curtailed
  4. 4.Fabric? Dressed without it, the ultimate in style
  5. 5.Crockery used by fashionable party in part of Asia
  6. 6.Symbols of love Italian city set up in Italy
  7. 7.Defy consequences of nuclear incident, stealing aluminium
  8. 8.Keep around a lot of water, flowing, in warm weather
  9. 9.Love to be involved in moving fast - NASAs speciality?
  10. 10.Independent standing in location upset governing arrangement ...
  11. 11.Object satisfied, I returned
  12. 12.Zero reason to drill iron - its pointless
  13. 13.Briefly run and run with stuff to cook mixed dish
  14. 14.Man about to observe booze is an opera composer
  15. 15.Provides staff for English religious dwelling
  16. 16.Part of engine ignited? Article from Renault in mind
  17. 17.Significant road blunders - opening put off - opportunities for reflection?
  18. 18.Girl, in leaving school, following soldiers after reflection
  19. 19.Take off, heading away to finish
  20. 20.Demanding to follow each from 27, say
  21. 21.Pure carbon obtained by expedition
  22. 22.Couple of seconds at start mostly crucial for cigar
  23. 23.Our US, it seems, is catastrophic
  24. 24.Shows off hat carried by that chap - an ornament for the head
  25. 25.... as a result of that, seat is included in broadcast topic
  26. 26.Hard work putting out new pattern
  27. 27.Put paid to rising opposition, including Spain and France
  28. 28.Far-fetched about revolutionary repeatedly throttling King
  29. 29.Old fellow supports beginning to read novel in translation
  30. 30.Ponder making cut around artists wall painting
  31. 31.Gather a ship is overseen by a Master
  32. 32.Start of summer month with Judge away, keeping court as place of retreat