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  1. 1.Exploit a slogan to encourage retailing?
  2. 2.Poet overlooking lake and way for ramblers?
  3. 3.Former Enrolled Nurses only
  4. 4.Dubious expression regularly mars riffs
  5. 5.Some couples do this over start of holiday in Cuba? Not a huge amount
  6. 6.Lasting source of uplift in English novelist after bringing out one book
  7. 7.Be in the military, switching initial directions to show bravery
  8. 8.Band member starts to visit orchestral conductor with a compilation of items
  9. 9.Young male left in exercise venue largely in a thrilled way
  10. 10.Chef got in hotel in resort
  11. 11.Greek character touring a second trading area from the East for seasoned meat
  12. 12.Requirement none expected when being extremely selective
  13. 13.Voluntary work of a speculative kind with number leaving
  14. 14.Consider clearing fine jellied food
  15. 15.Line put in joke with time set back part of Ireland
  16. 16.Accepted rule covering tense Swiss region
  17. 17.Stunt Grace arranged in random fashion?
  18. 18.One with digital expertise traps idiot at work
  19. 19.Local uniform adopted by leaders of parading band
  20. 20.Mischievous sort rejected a flyer right away with a shabby look?
  21. 21.Tight-knit group not half supported by revolutionary stuff of a trite nature
  22. 22.Phrase I developed for muscular pooch
  23. 23.European staff had to come out
  24. 24.Graduate is taken with league in Swiss city for sport
  25. 25.It could represent what one's looking for in area to shop?
  26. 26.One refilling a pen instinctively?
  27. 27.Get a nice pot with no end of decoration for cooking meat dish
  28. 28.Disown note with negative tone lacking weight
  29. 29.Government managed commercial area in Spanish city
  30. 30.Vigilant owner ultimately enters a rental property
  31. 31.Opinion given on ragged material encapsulating hard musical group
  32. 32.What bores might do to trap old regimental figure