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  1. 1.Floor below apartment 11?
  2. 2.So walls go around cavity insulation
  3. 3.Naked, Lucy puts on revolutionary total moisturiser
  4. 4.Volume penned by Fielding?
  5. 5.Rugby lads annual fitness test given up
  6. 6.Competitors with yen for fresh start give up the fight
  7. 7.Correct objective in Middle East? On the contrary
  8. 8.Ten suspiciously following one in sheeps clothing
  9. 9.Disparate states working together a fiction king feeds
  10. 10.Undesirable corporation let Middle Eastern city stand
  11. 11.Did corrupt US lawyers rent out houses with little light?
  12. 12.Spitting Image fan entertains large kid with the truth
  13. 13.Wrong filling for tusk thats trouble for cavities
  14. 14.Situation for a man with iron balls?
  15. 15.One interrupts chairman with example from Pet Sounds
  16. 16.Many young men bringing in nothing
  17. 17.Favourite early Sinatra?
  18. 18.States little advantage for everyone at university
  19. 19.Six books date from one year
  20. 20.At sea, leaving opening for sailor?
  21. 21.Graduate entry requirement includes study plan
  22. 22.Switch carpet again
  23. 23.Ornithologist finally returned nest, after leg up
  24. 24.Cake boxed up in varied amounts
  25. 25.Jack leaves shake that contains unpasteurised milk
  26. 26.One absent after duel goes wrong
  27. 27.Ambrose regularly ignored wife
  28. 28.List of acts forced to busk to eat
  29. 29.Clear out around pigsty with mum
  30. 30.A short stay in cold hospital, to cure this?
  31. 31.Boxing minor asset transported to China?
  32. 32.So many footballers in Germany little help at Christmas