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  1. 1.Rigorous testing starts to reveal necessary changes
  2. 2.Damage resulting from panic before onset of epidemic
  3. 3.Purge lists to block extremists on committee
  4. 4.Police officer wearing fancy clothes lacking restraint
  5. 5.Inexperienced person unable to get a grip?
  6. 6.Distress is something quite clear to the audience
  7. 7.Seasonal workers understand about very large wheels
  8. 8.He cant be trusted with artists support
  9. 9.Dance act raises sequence of steps to new level
  10. 10.Is proton decaying into antimatter?
  11. 11.Show bottoms not new low
  12. 12.Charged items under something for local operations providing additional services ?
  13. 13.Rent nondescript houses
  14. 14.Top person of superior quality recovered more fully
  15. 15.Potential candidates aggravated boss with spiel
  16. 16.Head started to lose heart
  17. 17.Player works naked
  18. 18.Converts writing style with training
  19. 19.Messenger decapitated by good shot
  20. 20.Speech marks out quest to obtain love
  21. 21.Forwards goal topped by strikers header
  22. 22.Writer about to back revolutionary books sentiment
  23. 23.Counsel against getting involved in a game of chance
  24. 24.Person objecting to previous and current things for starters
  25. 25.Nomadic Danes go here regularly
  26. 26.Refuse to be guilty of excessive consumption
  27. 27.Continental football players abandon position regularly
  28. 28.Crack addicts case time after time yielding nothing
  29. 29.Person in temporary accommodation is more obviously affected
  30. 30.Suffer at home with effective treatment in short supply
  31. 31.Citroen beginning to make mobile phone system