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  1. 1.Papa and Nana's cycling collision
  2. 2.Moving to open air for children's game
  3. 3.Pretended 29 across dumps bad smell on island in sea
  4. 4.Information about small puppet
  5. 5.Sign there's some shale oil
  6. 6.Torment McFly, say - ultimately Tom Fletcher also joined Busted
  7. 7.Bluth invested in bulk-buy retailer - after losing second hundred, wakes up
  8. 8.South Africans barter with nothing - completely powerless
  9. 9.Town Clerk and I'd arranged economic policy?
  10. 10.Pound limits country after banks withdraw before debt's term is fixed
  11. 11.4 wines getting permits
  12. 12.Actor initially displeased with Shakespeare describing love for all
  13. 13.Occasionally took pallet on ship with no cover
  14. 14.Turning knob - to disprove ...
  15. 15.Clouds issue, at first in support of Belfast doctor, maybe
  16. 16.Disney property's function - hiding naked dance
  17. 17.Political journalist welcomes in European sailor
  18. 18.In conclusion, silver jewellery on old woman shows veiny appearance
  19. 19.Delay as before, making India bat in the middle
  20. 20.Ridge veteran discovered in retirement
  21. 21.Union representative's accommodating on the subject of space
  22. 22.Dog's dinner - very large tea first
  23. 23.Unwrap plush toy on vacation with vigour
  24. 24.Studios see art film, essentially requires editing
  25. 25.Former partner appears in paper because of drug test again
  26. 26.Musk defending lab's closure over fine
  27. 27.Nice road held up when on A1 northbound - a lot of people live here
  28. 28.... court witness
  29. 29.Diplodocus's bones
  30. 30.Spots Henman finally breaking serve