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  1. 1.Festering group in charge retaining power
  2. 2.One unblemished after involving publicity team to produce publishers mark
  3. 3.Company doing volte-face in lively dance number
  4. 4.Celebration in France is held by motor-racing authority
  5. 5.Very good meal with no repeated component
  6. 6.Working in retail, securing name over a number of years
  7. 7.Document about English and British affected by fever
  8. 8.Magistrate buttonholes university lecturer with energy drink
  9. 9.Be ominous for Emperor (not half) and King
  10. 10.Followers regret holding on to European money
  11. 11.Monastery figure about to take up sinning?
  12. 12.Illuminated points with expressions of approval (except the first)
  13. 13.Fruit and grain mostly in a container
  14. 14.Clear criminal talent, working as a thief
  15. 15.City not entirely awash with money, receiving coin from oddball
  16. 16.Showing regularity unknown at the beginning
  17. 17.European country and its neighbour study peace proposal
  18. 18.Rigorous person in market securing point
  19. 19.Security required around Saint, Russian Saint
  20. 20.Supporter to arrive with many others, we hear
  21. 21.Ones active in study of rationality
  22. 22.Get drunk - Cuba libre (time for a Bishop to get drunk)
  23. 23.Closely storing a lot of nonsense in the cloud?
  24. 24.Shock to receive refusal about it from caretaker
  25. 25.Curtailed study applied to alcoholic drink, ones settled
  26. 26.German city to wane in importance after dismissing leader
  27. 27.Getting buried amongst Wagners operas?
  28. 28.I competed to secure gold, displaying teeth?
  29. 29.Australian resort area: Australian willingly returning here
  30. 30.Beat to mash, mostly - satisfied?
  31. 31.Meeting Judge - purpose is to dismiss fine
  32. 32.Historic ship has the potential to succeed?