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  1. 1.Newspaper students rejected
  2. 2.Visualise the Three Wise Men - popular, outgoing, Eastern
  3. 3.US footballer left Maine cycling north
  4. 4.Extend length of prison sentence
  5. 5.Nick getting suspension overturned
  6. 6.Spread out?
  7. 7.Stress backing for Ulster skills
  8. 8.Mail coat of lead and silver for East German
  9. 9.Clan arrived outside empty pub by large loch
  10. 10.Anagram of Evita Peron not quite efficacious
  11. 11.Starts to write incredibly rude electronic message
  12. 12.Set off tense when heading north transported by hot shot pilot
  13. 13.Put too much burden on D-Day operation area prioritised for Resistance
  14. 14.Longed to dump husband, having just got married
  15. 15.Noble head of Yorkshire or Lancashire?
  16. 16.Dye found in Madras nowadays?
  17. 17.Principal banker in Frankfurt
  18. 18.Disturb Joe visiting ace art gallery
  19. 19.Working with CIA somewhere in the Midwest
  20. 20.Small present which we hardly ever get at Xmas?
  21. 21.Scripture group at school put back to square one
  22. 22.Condescend to accept second plan
  23. 23.Yobbo nicking charity money knocked to the ground
  24. 24.Very advanced scam involving a Thailand island holiday
  25. 25.Most serious parties enter the fringes of government
  26. 26.Gather American has quit the valley
  27. 27.I gulp cinnamon swirls without any fuss
  28. 28.Attention-seeking actions got Piers aroused
  29. 29.It's only fair for politicians on TV hustings to order tequila on Knut
  30. 30.I'd come round with the greatest festival of light
  31. 31.More delicious Italian plonk (in theory) regularly downed