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  1. 1.Test, and test regularly, Catholics composition
  2. 2.Black cat put in front grave
  3. 3.Patty is enthralled by rare fish
  4. 4.Shy character keen to be involved in disorder
  5. 5.Automobile association having tantrums looking over vehicle
  6. 6.Gee, its obvious learner must be included in links?
  7. 7.Wants to be observed taking daughter back
  8. 8.In addition, has time for school singer
  9. 9.Army claims war mends fences
  10. 10.Unusually, perhaps, notice bishop replacing centrepiece of altar
  11. 11.Africans guide dog every so often left with large toy
  12. 12.Whisky glass emptied over, say, picnic food
  13. 13.Gambler going to be richer
  14. 14.Youngster bored by liberal society
  15. 15.Lean in a certain manner? Not us, unusually
  16. 16.Spaced out grandchild looking up to get food
  17. 17.Drive round front of ramshackle old Mexican Villa, and settle there
  18. 18.Gemstone dealer Mark Mills
  19. 19.Bosom buddy heads out in large car
  20. 20.Late, drove crazily - extremely unsafe
  21. 21.Body temperature taken roughly
  22. 22.Wanton son visiting Cornish town
  23. 23.Experienced nurses vote, with 50% absent, to be shown on TV
  24. 24.Countrys trouble captured in film
  25. 25.Decorations gold handle not hollowed out
  26. 26.A prickly character chases Mike regarding order
  27. 27.A path out of here?
  28. 28.Slightly supportive of Charlie and other half initially going to live together
  29. 29.Component of cell made of metal, mostly, with part hiding hole
  30. 30.Put Penny off getting drugged
  31. 31.Republican blocked payment for inflammatory poster
  32. 32.Detached wanderers stomach produced wind before religious festival, reportedly