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  1. 1.Shock result as error uncovered
  2. 2.Smokers French and doesnt apply
  3. 3.Avoid dozing as lecturer talked vacuously about play
  4. 4.Secures access codes
  5. 5.Climbers equipped with this and irrational not to ascend
  6. 6.Perhaps fan hot air in both directions around article
  7. 7.In Melbourne, Lord Dunglass (Sir Alec Douglas-Home?) gets a duck
  8. 8.The first man on Mars? The first woman, with due respect!
  9. 9.Accommodate offer
  10. 10.Prepare supply and change decor
  11. 11.Heard singer rendering note
  12. 12.A large amount of cement on sale
  13. 13.Piece left behind when objections overturned
  14. 14.Haddocks last fish in bottom of boat
  15. 15.To greengrocer, say, Brazils bananas
  16. 16.Call investigator a novice
  17. 17.Cloth can wipe rear end
  18. 18.Hands over in exchange
  19. 19.Approximately the combined weight of Tory voters in 1983 returning Thatcher?
  20. 20.Pulled back a bit but ruled soundly
  21. 21.Determined about reforming soonest? Not very
  22. 22.A Parisians word upsetting to Monsieur
  23. 23.Endlessly intoned, rambling in wooden tongue
  24. 24.Detector of bishop grabbing Lovelace?
  25. 25.As they say: Drawn, Im drawn by the moon
  26. 26.Cancel terms of reference
  27. 27.Sandwich filling occasionally wet? Dear me!
  28. 28.Upset when denied entry with locks
  29. 29.Is partly seen tantrum
  30. 30.Father goes after son, having tense disagreement
  31. 31.Contradict doubter abandoning party in revolution
  32. 32.Rocky, mostly bleak place of exile
  33. 33.Drugs grasped by both hands eliciting a sideways look
  34. 34.Tricycle of pioneer Sinclair originally went 15mph doing this
  35. 35.Clock could be item as also found in Laos
  36. 36.Cylindrical bath and foundation overlap