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  1. 1.Kind to put in Greek word for ‘printing units
  2. 2.Royal figure not quite intent to have post redirected
  3. 3.Royal name offering small change in second rule
  4. 4.View given by theatrical sponsor backing a couple
  5. 5.Nose? A sort of nose, almost entirely
  6. 6.Cricketer, one cornered by a reptile, must be agile
  7. 7.Openings of three roads use a lot of labour
  8. 8.Carpet? Aim for replacement with members' contributions, perhaps
  9. 9.Without delay, text offering affection after total damage
  10. 10.Singer needing one in support
  11. 11.Water I consumed in rising church centre
  12. 12.Cobalt, as it were, is prepared for action
  13. 13.Follow jet-setter, having dollop of cream, say, on upside-down cake
  14. 14.A stance maintained about journal leading one to say sorry
  15. 15.Very interested in historic fiddler, mostly, or singer
  16. 16.Possibly Chesterton's book on Queen bound in gold
  17. 17.Be an all-rounder - certainly more than a bowler, it seems
  18. 18.Journalist-explorer worn-out after going round New York at first
  19. 19.Regular behaviour patterns into which son declines
  20. 20.Unexpected items in a serving of semolina
  21. 21.Sailor leading pack into church for harvest festival item
  22. 22.Source of wool a lot of shops rejected
  23. 23.English to avoid nasty cigarettes, following a plan
  24. 24.Make a new start, gaining energy in time off
  25. 25.Storm's moved inland - you can leave now
  26. 26.Spray proves air is contaminated
  27. 27.Hero with weapon avoiding large young feline
  28. 28.Observes overturned sack, light
  29. 29.Frozen singer welcoming a warm place to retire?
  30. 30.Heartless Governments contributing to worker uneasiness