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  1. 1.Merchants partners material stolen from 1D
  2. 2.Could be happiest last words
  3. 3.Actors Sean and Ms Kristel taking in a northern state
  4. 4.WC Fieldss antepenultimate Bible
  5. 5.In a Big Apple chain coffee bar, leave tip no matter how much
  6. 6.Cartoonists invoice pretty steep
  7. 7.If hyphenated, a close result?
  8. 8.Don Bradman finally caught in annual Test before close of play
  9. 9.In Australia, bend to pick up shilling following Rods partner
  10. 10.Regularly drained cocktails, white wines
  11. 11.Jumbo album by Fleetwood Mac starts to encounter ridicule
  12. 12.Stole uniform before time in submarine
  13. 13.Priest abused drink
  14. 14.Re: Russia: I left, all upset - he provided cover
  15. 15.Cleveland, arguably, was one; Lee Jackson came later
  16. 16.Dipping into finances to repay grandpa?
  17. 17.Idle group, those without pity endlessly taking second hour off
  18. 18.9 lines composed for the 7th 27?
  19. 19.Film barking dog pen, London
  20. 20.See 7
  21. 21.Wife abandons sly individual to give support to artist
  22. 22.007 outside Bagdad zoo (Doh!) on manoeuvres, playing silly buggers
  23. 23.See 1 Across
  24. 24.I say! A member of the Parachute Regiment turned native
  25. 25.A Manchester pub outing with an out-of-this-world character
  26. 26.Within five laps, Ericsson to pass
  27. 27.Senior Army bod, British, a contemptible person to Americans
  28. 28.Young winger, on the fringes for City, getting rise of ten grand
  29. 29.Robotic, plain-sounding Trump gave boring speech
  30. 30.A jaunty rhythm inspired by the Caribbean as an alternative to 29?