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  1. 1.Astonishing pulsation of wild strong heart
  2. 2.Multi-faceted figure formed by dance horde, dancing
  3. 3.Location upset former schoolfellow? Itll have no effect on me
  4. 4.Place covered in unmixed colour
  5. 5.After 50, single lady losing heart may feel this?
  6. 6.Small siren completed transfer to new circuit?
  7. 7.One Dukes nobleman deposing King? Perfect
  8. 8.Scientist featured in German articles about scientists limits
  9. 9.Car: one crashed following councillor bagging it
  10. 10.Religious statement of belief, without repetition, follows it
  11. 11.An éclairs fancy - and dangerous to eat
  12. 12.Has made new name as an executioner
  13. 13.Worsen a good accent bringing in a trace of twang
  14. 14.Note thanks during part of weekend - consequence of beach trip?
  15. 15.Guys touring new countries
  16. 16.Indian music runs to the fore in Indian city
  17. 17.Snack? Still tucking into other source of sustenance
  18. 18.Whats good and bad about a description of British author?
  19. 19.Rust fungus in cultured output
  20. 20.Injured pedigree, with Left ousting Right
  21. 21.Steal the receipts
  22. 22.Food our team brought on board unpowered vessel?
  23. 23.German mathematicians way of working I captured in computer circuit
  24. 24.Black magic item: source of extremely nasty article from the past
  25. 25.County clique following a certain leader at last
  26. 26.Attractive military leader wearing cloak for press event
  27. 27.Courts having spies recalled
  28. 28.Ways of controlling part of the orchestra
  29. 29.Fool, single, meeting husband during ball