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  1. 1.Greedy eaters keeping one cooking birds
  2. 2.A lot of activity around military leader becoming target
  3. 3.Celebrities breaking German rule? Not entirely true-to-life
  4. 4.Panic the way Marines do?
  5. 5.Flow of excess water never blocking wading bird
  6. 6.One caught amongst weapons such as a form of 9
  7. 7.Dance beat with energy
  8. 8.Classic drama, with broadcast exposure, about rise of primitive instincts
  9. 9.Opening omitted from writing about obscure source of terror?
  10. 10.Unionist in vote into dispersing ecological damage
  11. 11.Disagreeable person's son taking our cat
  12. 12.Prompt statement of deferral all ignored
  13. 13.The full quartet will be back in house
  14. 14.Forward on the cracking ice, mostly offering a taste of what's to come
  15. 15.Unprincipled company abolished after I break in
  16. 16.Police officer more prominent in series . . .
  17. 17.Light drink around start of meal
  18. 18.Setter's found in cold US airport in the end
  19. 19.Beat banned party
  20. 20.Women's group associated with bats: a collection of witches?
  21. 21.Encouraging English to stay so popular
  22. 22.Cheers with depraved sultan becoming victim of hellish punishment
  23. 23.Question about curtailment of women's movement, note, in original location
  24. 24.Macho miss redefined form of sexual pleasure
  25. 25.Defeat cut short by fight in high range
  26. 26.Passion about right here?
  27. 27.Traveller's tour finally finished
  28. 28.Initially heard aboard railway - sources of the heavy metal beat
  29. 29.Follow story on the radio
  30. 30.Form of 7 is working - I will be surrounded by miasma
  31. 31.. . . making investigation about one developing racket
  32. 32.South America importing new drug? A blight on a bright aspect