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  1. 1.Alone? Head down for big city
  2. 2.The end of reason! Read with derision about 'cultural' politician
  3. 3.Drive up motorway back to university
  4. 4.Enter while rolling joint? This will ensure discipline in the house
  5. 5.Ofsted head right - 2's looking after school paperwork
  6. 6.Trio cease performing - they're largely unknown
  7. 7.Stand in for Romeo priest found on top of woman
  8. 8.Disagree with British PM endlessly
  9. 9.God depicted by visual artist
  10. 10.River bank home to beavers originally
  11. 11.Punch egghead, real bastard (he's only little)
  12. 12.Bad vibe - shame what some politicians do
  13. 13.One managing to get politician to bite? Sadly fifty involved - shameful!
  14. 14.Overly catty sign during party - I'm not staying!
  15. 15.Charges still regularly included - is disconcerting
  16. 16.Most recorded and freely available
  17. 17.With space to move, Bale's dribbling worth utilising
  18. 18.Performances by non-female groups
  19. 19.Political assistant old (and he's impotent)
  20. 20.Chippy might have this stew (used to be served up)
  21. 21.Stranger's gang is back outside most of time
  22. 22.Previous promise to marry Elizabeth, US writer
  23. 23.Politician clueless about way forward (with no drawback)? Possibly
  24. 24.Run 12
  25. 25.PM's returning for some bedroom activity
  26. 26.Politician on peanuts wore rags - not you, anyhow!
  27. 27.Corruption returned - slippery types covering the whole range
  28. 28.School in centre of Leek welcoming old money
  29. 29.Top politicians not totally respectful at office, we hear