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  1. 1.Burden of testing periodically brought up
  2. 2.Creative hairstyling, you might say, in stock pictures
  3. 3.Obsolete cars take the road in Italy to reach former republic
  4. 4.Jacks predecessor receiving endorsement of minimal value
  5. 5.Pervert portrayed as exploitative
  6. 6.Orient, possibly, at the outset after clarifying advice
  7. 7.Send friendly message with well-penned substance, perhaps
  8. 8.Half-eaten taco filling in recycle bin?
  9. 9.Fast-talking Nationalists plan
  10. 10.Slow vehicle from old times superior to, say, Tesla model
  11. 11.Curate and his unconventional liturgy
  12. 12.Invent what uranium and phosphorus do in combination
  13. 13.Inclined to be half asleep, Pontiff stripped of original power
  14. 14.Absurd poeticisms initially rejected in study of communication
  15. 15.Sounding slightly twisted in spirit
  16. 16.Place in vault with space to add doctor
  17. 17.Characteristic image of returning setter (me) pocketing pound
  18. 18.Church submits before uprising
  19. 19.Served, did she?
  20. 20.Respected guide meets excursion group going back inside
  21. 21.Greet us clumsily and wave
  22. 22.Something Kipling wrote to some extent describes Tanzania
  23. 23.Average for a golfer? Thats fine, according to Spooner, but practise driving with colleagues
  24. 24.Asking in every other place for hint
  25. 25.Reached peak, got rid of unnecessary baggage, beginning ascent
  26. 26.Mark hurls after eating my turnover
  27. 27.Is love gay, embracing male in a form of sexual union?
  28. 28.Elements of type found within spermatozoa
  29. 29.Pacifist in America jumped off cliff
  30. 30.Where you might find sandwiches etc a disaster, lacking in taste
  31. 31.Basic desire for one belief