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  1. 1.Good university dons get to continue without taking a break
  2. 2.Britain managed to implicate one intelligence agent
  3. 3.Drunk actor in a rage, mainly rude and offensive when on the defensive
  4. 4.Conflict almost tore apart densely populated area
  5. 5.Confines overambitious guards
  6. 6.Rural pile has riding gear around yard
  7. 7.Took another look at grey area lady uncovered
  8. 8.Plot contains treasure under layers of rock
  9. 9.Firm undergoing cyclical readjustment with supreme competence
  10. 10.Journalist covering men battling enemy primarily
  11. 11.Bring to mind prayer after bible class
  12. 12.Showing some reluctance to go initially in latrine thats out of order
  13. 13.Religious figure asks questions atheists regularly disregarded
  14. 14.Revolt as a result of undesirable uprising
  15. 15.Public holiday causes epidemic
  16. 16.Female insect without wings is centre of attention
  17. 17.She shouldnt have weed on monks shot by head of state
  18. 18.Underground worker buries dead guard
  19. 19.Line at end of letter lists retired fighters
  20. 20.Absurdity of Nationalist version of oneness
  21. 21.Maniac chops yuppies head off
  22. 22.Album of new arrangement for strings?
  23. 23.Creator of issue removed boxing article
  24. 24.Unruffled by lifting of some hygiene restrictions
  25. 25.Lacking in energy, gloomy and weighed down
  26. 26.Sucking noises suppress last couple of kisses
  27. 27.What might one call a huge sum?
  28. 28.Established church driven out of French region
  29. 29.Shellfish from Yellow Sea exported to France
  30. 30.Normal clue lacking definition ultimately becomes elementary?