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  1. 1.Very brilliant boss of newspaper, although it's folding
  2. 2.Going round knocking back shots, initially neat gin, getting sozzled
  3. 3.Demanding pace needs an injection of energy
  4. 4.Occasionally funny caller (relatively speaking!)
  5. 5.Where to sell gold coin crooked tenor smuggled?
  6. 6.Lazy siesta beneath the cover of Monsieur Henri?
  7. 7.Excited handclap welcomes United - ground expecting explosive start!
  8. 8.Book July to go off with Mick
  9. 9.Old Peruvian picking edges off tiny scab
  10. 10.Have mixed feelings about black/blue markings on taps
  11. 11.First signs of law and order stabilised the country
  12. 12.Piece of Bellini, Mendelssohn or Massenet screened
  13. 13.Victor left golf club as the rain eased off
  14. 14.User of products from top line machine might have these uncomfortable feelings when cycling
  15. 15.See 5
  16. 16.Lee Dixon originally turned up bearing sign of rustiness
  17. 17.2002 record catch supplied by Scotsman, according to Spooner
  18. 18.American lady acquiring book, edited novel by Eliot
  19. 19.Protests over British planes storing up carbon
  20. 20.Save money on second hairstyle
  21. 21.Wrapping prow of Kon-Tiki (Heyerdahl's vessel)
  22. 22.Dying to hear part of National Lear soliloquy
  23. 23.1A mum ran upstairs, about to confiscate a weapon
  24. 24.A commercial vehicle transporting a large red slide
  25. 25.A revolting expression of indifference used to attract attention
  26. 26.Men with baseball bats force Kanye West to get undressed
  27. 27.Layabout seen in Salcombe every now and again
  28. 28.Texan oilman embracing the poor old priest
  29. 29.empty luggage rack like this?
  30. 30.Last of Buster Keaton's reels - zero interest
  31. 31.Subsequently, Tinseltown star Charlize dumps husband