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  1. 1.Old desire curtailed by article on taste
  2. 2.Postpone work on missile attached to plane
  3. 3.Amuse oneself for a bit
  4. 4.Cut off from rum coves back earlier
  5. 5.Detailed plans originally kept in tin hed tampered with
  6. 6.Computer experts support received by letter? Just the opposite
  7. 7.Remove cover as expert shows
  8. 8.Gives an impression of American mounting horse on street in the centre of Fresno
  9. 9.Sue cereal companys head and be ruined in famous trial
  10. 10.Give up in Split during inevitable outbreak of revolution
  11. 11.Parking out of town? Nearly all is private
  12. 12.Make longer part of journey around Norway next
  13. 13.Just concerned with being trendy
  14. 14.Risk ignoring daughters rage
  15. 15.Suppress evil influence after changing sides
  16. 16.A game is something of little importance
  17. 17.Lose in place covered with endless thin fog
  18. 18.Right about catching Illyrian fool heading off with old sixpenny piece
  19. 19.Part of sad elegy for English singer
  20. 20.Girls perfume reportedly causing a difference of opinion
  21. 21.Fellow Conservative avoids prison by chance
  22. 22.Confused American girl with more garbled nonsense
  23. 23.Sanction law to maintain production of cider
  24. 24.Earl seen by lake in swimming togs? Nonsense
  25. 25.Female calls about European charitys money raiser creating additional advantages
  26. 26.Distribute key tax returns
  27. 27.All-embracing need to leave brothel to ladies primarily in charge
  28. 28.Small amount of marble initially included in exotic design