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  1. 1.Doctor, chef or captain?
  2. 2.One that will flap and go on about new film
  3. 3.Passage 25, after adding punctuation, is to be read aloud
  4. 4.After a change of heart, rabbit in French language
  5. 5.One providing relief around tense religious festival
  6. 6.Old can of talc Zara chucked all over the place
  7. 7.Booze manufactured by old revolutionaries
  8. 8.Ancient Greek city with half-completed rosery
  9. 9.A prime example of pressure on aristocrat
  10. 10.Militant leader: "I'd swerve back towards the centre"
  11. 11.Dance with a famous American artist
  12. 12.Guy in Maiden seen by rest room taking cocaine
  13. 13.Vacuous babysitter Hoskins is giving lip
  14. 14.One beaten with sticks initially lost spirit
  15. 15.Ring about one to get engineers round around third of July
  16. 16.Charlie breaking wind has ruined lunchtime snack
  17. 17.Order foe to get changed given make-over by Thatcher?
  18. 18.Pork pie stuffed with bit of nougat's rank
  19. 19.Function of Starmer? Primarily to go after Conservative!
  20. 20.Is it possible out-of-head Gary will get grass?
  21. 21.Tablet having no power could create trouble
  22. 22.Bet loose pants will be unfashionable
  23. 23.Theologian tucking into beers becomes muddled
  24. 24.Daughter gets pop, but not British rap/metal singer
  25. 25.Hoskins goes to a party with grass producer
  26. 26.One working with Scotsmen and old Greeks
  27. 27.A bit like a mankini, perhaps
  28. 28.Example of one of many here beggar randomly hugs
  29. 29.Beat foremost of racers to get to No.1 in this?
  30. 30.Directors seen with Catholic barbers?
  31. 31.Bomber has to circle river near Rhode Island
  32. 32.Lady promoting European dairy product