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  1. 1.Family ruling ultimately produces me?
  2. 2.Day and year around simple vessel affected by currents around Florida
  3. 3.Café supporter I placed nearer the rear
  4. 4.Quality surrounds good university offering no clear results? Unable to say
  5. 5.Rejected support? Left involved in first-class foul-up
  6. 6.American novelist gets stuck penning English
  7. 7.Nobleman expected to throttle 12
  8. 8.Time to take another line, heading away from dangerous animal
  9. 9.Fancily-dressed folk around street: what will aid the paparazzi?
  10. 10.Bitter detectives entering area beginning to uncover corrupt soul
  11. 11.Difficult police operation after half of team wiped out
  12. 12.27 browses every now and then
  13. 13.Components of antimony most unlikely in work on cleaning stone
  14. 14.Crazy getting married, say, for the spicy stuff
  15. 15.Durable work unit about to come in still
  16. 16.Slovenly woman most recently opening tin
  17. 17.Runs from close encounter in part of shrubbery
  18. 18.Easy in lust, possibly displaying this?
  19. 19.Architects initially linked to dull coarse humour
  20. 20.Some Londoners (but only some) will produce fruit
  21. 21.Staff not heartless with a fried meal
  22. 22.Planet above the horizon: it appears between start and end of June, right?
  23. 23.One heats up players in series
  24. 24.Seat the ultimate in glamour till now
  25. 25.Hurry to interrupt returning soccer club 22
  26. 26.Carrier I found cast in curious metal
  27. 27.Part of London Fields - go so wild here
  28. 28.Writers beset by former partners - alimony, child support, etc?
  29. 29.Old fool carrying axes? It sends mixed messages
  30. 30.Price arranged with Mafia regarding usable evidence?
  31. 31.Source of information over length involved in marathon?
  32. 32.Rogue cuddling 12: one account of the heart