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  1. 1.Spooks surrounding base after revolution thats bloodless
  2. 2.African after injury refuses foot ointment?
  3. 3.Container full of papers and grammar school reports
  4. 4.Junior member of parliament stuck in Glasgow letterbox
  5. 5.Some scallywag groups belligerent behaviour
  6. 6.Gill usually gives head
  7. 7.Keep provoking Hardy and Nelson?
  8. 8.Maybe Corfiot and I throw dirt
  9. 9.Sons prudent to accept visit round school â€" its full of holes
  10. 10.Institute of Reading organised financial assistance
  11. 11.One group of workers not on time
  12. 12.Auntie is supposedly wrong to conceal weapon
  13. 13.Wrong type of steering device, some say, could produce a spark
  14. 14.One thousand English and Welsh dons long to see rise in vice
  15. 15.Impossible to avoid denying Spanish girl is qualified
  16. 16.A substantial amount to digest in principal series of lectures?
  17. 17.Items up for discussion: time and bucks
  18. 18.Needled by 28 after swapping sides
  19. 19.Advanced research all round is slackening
  20. 20.Its unpleasant lacking funds with financial liabilities
  21. 21.Chad Allen trips in ballroom
  22. 22.Antique keyboard in immaculate condition
  23. 23.A constellation in the past? Thats about right
  24. 24.Saint Itha converted some 16s
  25. 25.New sort of mortal, curiously under wraps
  26. 26.Tough old deputy
  27. 27.Hawk, cock and hen in church yard
  28. 28.Leaders of Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership rebuffed prime minister
  29. 29.Dissatisfaction seen in Nubia at regular intervals
  30. 30.Man on board dismisses Latin class