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  1. 1.City outside Tunisia turned into part of the Roman Empire
  2. 2.Rough old soldier hiding in farm building
  3. 3.Get rid of officer during cut in firm with restrictive hiring policy
  4. 4.Bird in small pile of hay
  5. 5.Language used in Berlin government
  6. 6.Small soldier has trimmed ribbon on cap
  7. 7.Special cart distributed churchs cash
  8. 8.Tense Australian male entering troubled Asian island state
  9. 9.Publicity surrounding liquid used for washing material found in fabrics
  10. 10.Daily news broadcast about Tinseltowns foremost film producer
  11. 11.Animal crossing ploughed up acre in credit with fixture in field ...
  12. 12.Insensitive wife finally accepted by relative
  13. 13.Sailors pretend to bear north then do a runner
  14. 14.Space in M&S used by women getting attention for some of its clothing
  15. 15.Inaccessible spot where setters entertained by Jane?
  16. 16.Partners attending opening of observatory with cocaine
  17. 17.Killer of topless girls getting home
  18. 18.9 accepting new crate of fruit
  19. 19.Deposit is returned to lieutenant
  20. 20.Vans breaking down in shed curtailed campaign
  21. 21.Health professional protecting lower part of airway in soft part of neck
  22. 22.Located wings of albatross in part of garden
  23. 23.Choice made by evangelical leader reading in church
  24. 24.... has learnt legend about children abandoned in forest
  25. 25.Vehicles turned up with mostly fake electronic device
  26. 26.Dutch pigpens not cleaned thoroughly
  27. 27.Passion in letter unyielding
  28. 28.Missile trailing special bird
  29. 29.Tool encasing buddhist monks portable stove