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  1. 1.Grand lakeside wing appended to complete forces HQ
  2. 2.Maybe sledgehammer learner deployed in stunt to crack Brazil nut? Me joshing
  3. 3.Breaking: Man in Raincoat opens up to public
  4. 4.... and whatever else hero wrote is for pulping
  5. 5.Put to work for paper in combat zone, my boss receives gong
  6. 6.Sparklers kill
  7. 7.Master Cellarman cleared out, making space for old burgundy
  8. 8.Mark signalling about daughter in top hat
  9. 9.Yorkshire Wensleydale wouldnt be the same without her!
  10. 10.City traders unloaded fruit stalls they pick
  11. 11.I declare the end of this dreadful year
  12. 12.Perhaps European is satisfied with Scarface staying at home?
  13. 13.In 11s world history nearly everyones overlooked whats experienced by those eating cake
  14. 14.Modified ones language
  15. 15.Regularly he suffered from tickling parrots ass
  16. 16.Peppery fish quite dry on the inside
  17. 17.Finally the successor to M adapted to Bonds compulsion
  18. 18.Circled No. 4 literally remedied with it?
  19. 19.Just twenty letters - not much put on top of whats taken from bin ...
  20. 20.China divided: the end is nigh
  21. 21.With a bit of luck hitherto, we wont easily concede
  22. 22.Helicopter for American to attend oologists gathering
  23. 23.Yet some go when he plays for time?
  24. 24.Hes greedy, Henry - his shot past Lehmann?
  25. 25.Knock beers back near the rear of the Lawyers Bar
  26. 26.Oafs had to open rubbish bags, dispersing balls
  27. 27.Area thats dry up tree
  28. 28.Fellow bossed everyone at firm - bar a Quebecker?