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  1. 1.Unfortunately get rain around start of afternoon (it might be good for lawn)
  2. 2.Joiner's wife chopped tree
  3. 3.Sensitive documents in a cellar - I'm satisfied that's improper
  4. 4.Retired programmer keeps book
  5. 5.Gradually becoming less safe in government
  6. 6.Cycling award lost in middle of riot - flipping clots!
  7. 7.Mike, Trump's behind crowd
  8. 8.Said about half of the population's posts
  9. 9.Doll keeps close to singer/songwriter
  10. 10.Old city bloke who's polite but desperate!
  11. 11.Spot coming out in troupe, dancing
  12. 12.Right to kill grass
  13. 13.Radiant Rod rocking but slowing down
  14. 14.Prince William finally gets a game
  15. 15.Broadcast catches with fisherman
  16. 16.Girl's name I found in women's magazine
  17. 17.Old bar staff in Murphy's I almost forgot to visit
  18. 18.King the writer's accepted by international Adriatic resort
  19. 19.Doug likes eating fruit
  20. 20.Prick! Sackings extremely gratuitous
  21. 21.Short note lawyer turned over eagerly? Perhaps
  22. 22.Good doctor laid into King - he's always moaning
  23. 23.Ready to support German complaint
  24. 24.Around town main road sure to be closed completely
  25. 25.Source of money also in country raised capital
  26. 26.Boy (or girl) bringing up north regularly
  27. 27.Leading Republican has row causing great public anger
  28. 28.Huge number of dogs slipping lead
  29. 29.Shock! Guy's dropped first point
  30. 30.University publisher to block translation of de Gaulle, cutting a line for French territory
  31. 31.Difficulty seeing return of political moderates
  32. 32.Silver implanted in audio device? Cool
  33. 33.Greedy? Near being converted when enveloped in my goodness
  34. 34.Surpass cuts in economy initially repeated
  35. 35.Flowering plant Paul replanted around border
  36. 36.One with new ideas in turning round river reversed decay
  37. 37.Support twisted bone that's restricting energy
  38. 38.Protective cover? There's audible demand for that
  39. 39.Action of PM? He's flustered during upset
  40. 40.Bugs fashionable religious group (source of anarchy)
  41. 41.Lot of protection in South America over cactus
  42. 42.Doubt, accordingly, around position with Academy
  43. 43.Fruit is round, as it happens
  44. 44.Remains sceptical, initially, about tax cut? On the contrary
  45. 45.I travel on track, displaying many colours
  46. 46.Secretion from plants that could be resuming
  47. 47.Articles about precious metal running short, indicating African country
  48. 48.Holiday, perhaps, going to urban cycling hub? How quickly can you get away?
  49. 49.German law-maker heads to open Hamburg museum
  50. 50.Extended use of language and excessive and immoderate verbosity or circumlocution perhaps is misjudged when involved with separate touches of irony and rodomontade
  51. 51.Destroy reputation of University College engaging in business
  52. 52.Means to cover buttonhole?
  53. 53.To GB, it is Europe that appears horribly middle-class
  54. 54.Record teacher ignoring second musician, say
  55. 55.Court witness offering impression about quiet individual
  56. 56.Helps Saint to enter Saint's city? Not I
  57. 57.Insubstantial collection of documents about newspaper
  58. 58.Detective dropped, frustrated
  59. 59.Finish study, getting degree in conclusion
  60. 60.Actor initially displeased with Shakespeare describing love for all
  61. 61.Musk defending lab's closure over fine
  62. 62.Pound limits country after banks withdraw before debt's term is fixed
  63. 63.Studios see art film, essentially requires editing
  64. 64.South Africans barter with nothing - completely powerless
  65. 65.Dog's dinner - very large tea first
  66. 66.Torment McFly, say - ultimately Tom Fletcher also joined Busted
  67. 67.Ridge veteran discovered in retirement
  68. 68.Information about small puppet
  69. 69.In conclusion, silver jewellery on old woman shows veiny appearance
  70. 70.Moving to open air for children's game
  71. 71.Disney property's function - hiding naked dance
  72. 72.Spots Henman finally breaking serve
  73. 73.Turning knob - to disprove ...
  74. 74.... court witness
  75. 75.Occasionally took pallet on ship with no cover
  76. 76.Nice road held up when on A1 northbound - a lot of people live here
  77. 77.4 wines getting permits
  78. 78.Former partner appears in paper because of drug test again
  79. 79.Town Clerk and I'd arranged economic policy?
  80. 80.Unwrap plush toy on vacation with vigour
  81. 81.Bluth invested in bulk-buy retailer - after losing second hundred, wakes up
  82. 82.Union representative's accommodating on the subject of space
  83. 83.Sign there's some shale oil
  84. 84.Delay as before, making India bat in the middle
  85. 85.Pretended 29 across dumps bad smell on island in sea
  86. 86.Political journalist welcomes in European sailor
  87. 87.Papa and Nana's cycling collision
  88. 88.Clouds issue, at first in support of Belfast doctor, maybe
  89. 89.Diplodocus's bones
  90. 90.End of constipation - one mostly passed liquid thanks to these
  91. 91.Investigation moving quickly to snare Stone at last
  92. 92.Speechless with anger when duke denied offence
  93. 93.Ate modern cooking in place of worship
  94. 94.Sign backing top mathematician
  95. 95.Photographers capturing her bum, possibly
  96. 96.Press X to get medal
  97. 97.Liquor that Guy drinks at home following low points
  98. 98.River that can be seen to be losing volume, which is ludicrous
  99. 99.Chap that is squirreling away Euros, primarily?
  100. 100.Macron, perhaps, rejected help to get attacker

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