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  1. 1.Prompt restraint by the German retains millions
  2. 2.Hertfordshire town - boring avoiding first one
  3. 3.Frenchman to agree about energy in French composer
  4. 4.Horrified, keeps time after half of games over
  5. 5.German car with nothing in the sound department?
  6. 6.Bury, or an Italian soccer team?
  7. 7.Smart, but with change of heart, becoming unpleasant
  8. 8.Drink good to be given to girl
  9. 9.Doctor with American article receiving account identifying facial hair
  10. 10.Start spout, filling it with one drink
  11. 11.Exclamation of surprise about secretive type getting beheaded in thriller
  12. 12.Line penned by a lad - delightful stuff for the time
  13. 13.Shows broken arm, perhaps, to be annoying
  14. 14.Better arrangement of music - thatll produce something like 26
  15. 15.Soldier initially featured in viral item is in the Marines - an entrancing experience
  16. 16.Expert taking sudden movement in relation to acid
  17. 17.Promoting release, hes initially aboard tractor and lorry
  18. 18.One employs duster, clearing away regular bits
  19. 19.Sad, losing unusual musical effect
  20. 20.Director brought in to try to tempt cast in storehouse?
  21. 21.Staff not entirely heated since conflict
  22. 22.Not very advanced selection from pool of ideas
  23. 23.Children following team isnt a big problem
  24. 24.Special quality: this writer gets most of this into tune
  25. 25.Drug securing one new meaning
  26. 26.Crash has Queen in pain
  27. 27.Hot food Institutes given to kid, mostly
  28. 28.Stabs end of dagger into men
  29. 29.Former politician blocking alien not expected to pay
  30. 30.One takes care of arranging a discount
  31. 31.Weapon detective backed a great deal
  32. 32.Dodgy scoundrel capturing Americans heart? On the contrary
  33. 33.Order craft beer with crisps mostly
  34. 34.Dropped dead when pierced with tip of spear
  35. 35.Crazy, throwable weapon in a Bond film?
  36. 36.Being faithful? Pah, at first, that is extremely tricky!
  37. 37.Guy gets support carrying a big creature
  38. 38.Fraudsters coke that is cut before a function
  39. 39.A vegan occasionally coming off as someone whos self-obsessed
  40. 40.No cigar is manufactured without the use of chemicals
  41. 41.Working with Chinas too uncontrolled
  42. 42.Papers in Britain uncharacteristically might produce hard-hitting leaders
  43. 43.Beer mostly fills half a dozen small bottles
  44. 44.Bolt finally impresses BBC athletics commentator
  45. 45.Right now, daughter comes in for a hot drink
  46. 46.Bottom part of wardrobe has thin wood
  47. 47.Hard infantry at the front line secure elevated ground
  48. 48.Major company debts initially getting settled
  49. 49.Musician seen and heard all over the place
  50. 50.Cash-strapped guys outside a bookies
  51. 51.Things used at Hogwarts, provided by owls occasionally?
  52. 52.Banal journalist in East London?
  53. 53.Mathematician somewhere Swiss? Yes, in Geneva entertaining two lecturers
  54. 54.Airline covers part of journey back for round fare
  55. 55.Is Sohos first W Hotel outwardly grand?
  56. 56.Some explicit tapes brought back from Greece
  57. 57.A reduced cost for rejected fruit
  58. 58.Less bold, I never drunk the last bit of Jägermeister
  59. 59.Cool, very dynamic teen takes on computer work around Los Angeles
  60. 60.Special name given to a racehorse - one that gets beaten!
  61. 61.One who steals from man in jail
  62. 62.Type of beauty parlour seen in North America, except around Illinois
  63. 63.Move uneasily at the end of restless sleep
  64. 64.Pack containing large playing cards
  65. 65.Creatures face bitten by climbing snake
  66. 66.Branch officers initially anger cabinet
  67. 67.Setter runs out of foreign currency leaving quarters for natives
  68. 68.In which Old Bill might stop between stages of a cycling tour?
  69. 69.Demonstrator collecting papers for supplier
  70. 70.Include up-front ethnic minority couple
  71. 71.Perhaps slip on ice when twisting drill
  72. 72.Enrage because of commentators opinion
  73. 73.45 degrees required to get brown in a month
  74. 74.Corporal maybe about to undermine base again!
  75. 75.Second in race, in a short distance, becomes leader
  76. 76.Short term for Harvard, perhaps students last one
  77. 77.That girl getting on with German in solitary
  78. 78.Piece of plan to stop missus coming back
  79. 79.Fictional character giving and receiving pain, extremely authoritarian
  80. 80.Elbow may split due to this affront prior to talking
  81. 81.Mentioned in question report of involuntary escape from trap?
  82. 82.Better to follow speed limit, sort of
  83. 83.Excellent supporter very independent old spinster rejected
  84. 84.Principal introducing thorough test about English to inspire others?
  85. 85.Check incision around opening in pericardium
  86. 86.After November, around noon, getting light
  87. 87.Prone to change input to notable support for wine producers
  88. 88.Diamonds pinched by, say, outwardly merry megastar?
  89. 89.What may go after cheese, overshadowing small dessert
  90. 90.Worthy Scotsman?
  91. 91.By 2 am, second terrible natural disaster
  92. 92.Imposed target involving uniformed group
  93. 93.Row about German beast
  94. 94.Compile montage featuring something defective
  95. 95.Male majority almost left
  96. 96.Wry, smooth and in charge
  97. 97.Tend to swear without hint of caution after noon
  98. 98.Head of restoration raised charge for endangered habitat
  99. 99.A course of action over time becomes offensive
  100. 100.Live without sex or power

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