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  1. 1.Belief in those running football damaged top to bottom
  2. 2.50% off sparkling wines - that's a winner!
  3. 3.Intermission in war film stops Erica fidgeting
  4. 4.Editing ad, rethink location of hopeless shot?
  5. 5.South American in London area leaving 'as a precaution
  6. 6.Subdued Greek character heads for the emergency department
  7. 7.You must record this match?
  8. 8.Get cold feet in game
  9. 9.Worried about fabricated denial? The opposite is conveyed
  10. 10.Thrilling night out: husband wasted after knocking back booze
  11. 11.Important question and answer session, finally, with corporation
  12. 12.Crumpled blouse found during party for couples
  13. 13.Ancient implement, hoe, revamped with bits of duck tape
  14. 14.Water lover going back in: swimming or fishing?
  15. 15.Coaches groups of 25?
  16. 16.Sanctimonious chap probing both sides of emotive affair
  17. 17.It's cold west of Montana, wetter east of Montana
  18. 18.King tees off in hallowed Scottish venues
  19. 19.Area of France that's near Luxembourg and Germany
  20. 20.Former partner abandoned pet, evil 'xxxx'!
  21. 21.Beloved daughter departs for an unknown period
  22. 22.Show contempt for Michelle Mone, maybe calling out 'get lost!
  23. 23.Contribution to co-written ethical opinion
  24. 24.16 down in Nice
  25. 25.Vow one's kept in university, finding love
  26. 26.Small nut, mostly pink
  27. 27.Bulge throbbing softly
  28. 28.Seeking enjoyment in grand old city: 'Coot's Touring Society
  29. 29.GI less sad after training manoeuvres on mountain
  30. 30.Selling wingless nuts and bolts, possibly to drill association
  31. 31.Day perhaps to see to teacher's retirement
  32. 32.Fans of one-day cricket format?

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