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  1. 1.Big ask short term saves shaky dollar
  2. 2.Mums in fleeces wear dull swimwear with floats
  3. 3.More inconvenience when late starting
  4. 4.Permit daughter to carry electric motor?
  5. 5.Bill withdrawing denial about young woman, one?
  6. 6.Big game hunter whod kill mice, by choice
  7. 7.Curl first shot around edge of wall
  8. 8.Many amusements for kids sadly end in running riot
  9. 9.Delicate sensors say eel writhes before she wriggles
  10. 10.Nebraska tribesmen recalled eureka moment
  11. 11.Negative number making the class sweat
  12. 12.You need some proof if this taken
  13. 13.Grave after grave, first of two once dropped by America
  14. 14.Big shot who married Mrs Simpson, united on third of June
  15. 15.Where degrees are taken by wallies, every so often
  16. 16.Humorists place for shopping cart (not back of Waitrose)
  17. 17.Seabirds stop to relax on the coast north of Miami
  18. 18.Worked with a break two-thirds of the way through article
  19. 19.Salt ten dead fish
  20. 20.A file possibly left behind on top of everything
  21. 21.A single query, hearing setters favourite French city is Lyon?
  22. 22.Ridiculing the Camptown races?
  23. 23.Environmentally friendly houses close to forty-ninth parallel
  24. 24.Gave a lift to Johnny coming back after uni
  25. 25.Critical of presenter always introduced before Dec 1
  26. 26.Covers of unethical fanzine stirred up widespread complaint
  27. 27.One in fifty used to be on night shifts
  28. 28.Give substance to English doctor, oddly prescribing itself
  29. 29.Quite a sight, said the Statue of Libertys builder
  30. 30.The one Fiat a Roman insurer provides retrospective cover for
  31. 31.Learner in ecstasy about third in Botany with university department
  32. 32.More mundane retailer somehow captures hearts
  33. 33.Unwilling to be trapped by writhing coils in fishermens garb?
  34. 34.A great place for French bikes when speed is needed?
  35. 35.Surfs up, swamping islet thats rocky and barren
  36. 36.... indefinite number in enormous river thats long
  37. 37.What did orseman do to eat away?
  38. 38.Veteran plane arrived and left
  39. 39.Relatives pleasant and full of energy
  40. 40.E.g. prepare for panto in this place switching halves with rear end
  41. 41.I see a diver going over an obstacle in the sea
  42. 42.At Uni gain degree, one new first in Geog - the way to pass is like this
  43. 43.Its put back inside counter - we need to do a promotion
  44. 44.The boy read only half the present
  45. 45.Like the last man going out in model event hopefully
  46. 46.The Coral Island wrapped up in sellotape
  47. 47.Remorse after time wasted by director in trading association
  48. 48.Get too big for playing golf with our two
  49. 49.A man with role in play facing the French
  50. 50.This sauce is very good, yes?
  51. 51.Horses last burst with courageous individual
  52. 52.Failed mechanics? Bad luck
  53. 53.Went round rice in paddy with Victor and saw ...
  54. 54.Americas complete mad bluff, after leader goes bad
  55. 55.Island with grand conveniences and cool places to live
  56. 56.A sample of drawing and painting in short-lived movement
  57. 57.Killed in NY owing to FBI agent
  58. 58.Like a tiny baby, more docile when taken up by innocent
  59. 59.Gone on the wing, fellows down before Newcastles header
  60. 60.First parts of every Michaelmas term? Correct
  61. 61.Rome is weaving delicate silks
  62. 62.One torn to shreds among family of lions
  63. 63.What might be stuffed poultry she spoiled?
  64. 64.Separate daughter left in charge of minister
  65. 65.Bother minister eschewing religious studies
  66. 66.What about high charges current in Middle East?
  67. 67.Style points gained by doctor
  68. 68.Self-interested people say its so ridiculous
  69. 69.Talk at bar as storms penetrate shelter
  70. 70.Stimulated and seeing red when riled
  71. 71.Bachelor to throw up small round mass
  72. 72.Having advantage over storm god brings surprise result
  73. 73.Teenager toyed with gunpowder for example
  74. 74.Fish brings rook into quarrel
  75. 75.Foul-mouthed American quartet in Lincoln?
  76. 76.Zeppelin songs really cool
  77. 77.Square bench placed in higher position
  78. 78.Moor by river bank
  79. 79.Roles one changed in warm-up act
  80. 80.Bar committee needs something to write on
  81. 81.Security has to exist when entering false set
  82. 82.3 abandons delta for low dam
  83. 83.Merry time collecting book for chemist
  84. 84.Finch allowed to circle pub
  85. 85.Scots guide in Highlands to offer enclosing upland
  86. 86.Good results the setter has one after another
  87. 87.Little chamber orchestras first instrument
  88. 88.Card has entire county cricket club in uproar
  89. 89.Rich cake meal in ancient region not finished
  90. 90.Extravagance: theres sudden increase around place
  91. 91.Secretive person beheaded and buried in mystery?
  92. 92.Summit of tall chimney having opening at the back
  93. 93.No end of affection for intense colour
  94. 94.Learner pursues first in Art painting outdoors
  95. 95.Jocularity of agricultural working class, welcoming introduction from landowner
  96. 96.Disrespect a cleric hosting exhibition
  97. 97.Present from eccentric artist guy shunned by society
  98. 98.Gunners drew after dismissal of both wingers. Extraordinary!
  99. 99.Essential broadcast for leading actor
  100. 100.Sophisticated cocktail

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