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  1. 1.Far be it from me to move in again!
  2. 2.Shut up. Its only a hundred!
  3. 3.In a desire to break the record, coming back even faster
  4. 4.Being lax about the tyres that keep skidding?
  5. 5.He wont drink from a stein poured in the mixed bar
  6. 6.Left, incensed by the organisation
  7. 7.In essence, material possessions or wealth
  8. 8.Put in an order for a cooker, verbally
  9. 9.Manages to convey, when ones given an award
  10. 10.Getting on after the man, contrived to
  11. 11.The ex whos keeping one waiting
  12. 12.Interest in the homecoming
  13. 13.Hell tell you spring is here
  14. 14.Concerning the country, exaggerate
  15. 15.Dont allow to catch up
  16. 16.Where the junk dealers go all metric?
  17. 17.Material of which there are fifty-nine varieties
  18. 18.Looked at the jagged darts point embedded in
  19. 19.Tough, stretch across to grab the man
  20. 20.Put on the piano some I am about to play
  21. 21.Having dished out in advance, kept
  22. 22.Shrink from the act of touching physically, right through
  23. 23.Even pad
  24. 24.At home when the chaps came round, prepared food
  25. 25.Not so awful that it stops you in your tracks?
  26. 26.The extract has turned the juice green
  27. 27.Tell about, while scattering seed round the bed
  28. 28.Messes about with the covering " paper
  29. 29.The lags record, or who may have access to it
  30. 30.Paper required to make the article longer
  31. 31.Prognosticates, when one chooses the players in advance
  32. 32.Caught entering the store, you truss up and take to
  33. 33.Fed up working in the dairy?
  34. 34.Squeal on a big noise
  35. 35.Im entering an amazing plus one " just came naturally
  36. 36.Neck and neck in the cribbage game?
  37. 37.The phoney siren goes off outside " nice diversion
  38. 38.Very melancholy at the time, giving up ones smoke
  39. 39.Bets theyre stand-ins
  40. 40.At prison was treated badly, but got through it
  41. 41.Specifying which container, we get right to the point
  42. 42.As a result, the orchestrator will make no more changes to it
  43. 43.Entering the conversation in ringing tones?
  44. 44.Its mouth may be full of fish