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  1. 1.Had the tune played in it obsessed one?
  2. 2.Run in pursuit
  3. 3.Want to catch a snake thats ill-tempered
  4. 4.Prepared to be shot
  5. 5.Doesnt stay â€" is working
  6. 6.Clearly indicates witchcraft
  7. 7.Objected strongly to concealing the charge
  8. 8.“A recreation thats beyond me”, I put in
  9. 9.Administers corporal punishment - doesnt work
  10. 10.Dont worry â€" holiday guaranteed
  11. 11.Capsizes, with surprising results
  12. 12.Stopped when one bawled out
  13. 13.Bet theres a N in the composers name
  14. 14.Brass bottle
  15. 15.Hell leave an hour after midnight
  16. 16.A mere error, the agent holds, in the contract
  17. 17.About rip-offs that are going round, theyre very funny
  18. 18.Imprudent to be counselled by those in need of treatment?
  19. 19.Man painting a symbol on a card
  20. 20.Run to time, you find
  21. 21.Its obvious one is hidden in the case
  22. 22.Comforts one when the note case is lost
  23. 23.A tough-guy robot?
  24. 24.“Its the in thing” makes you lose your temper
  25. 25.Of course I would need to break in
  26. 26.Scolded, deserved it
  27. 27.The shutter is heavier
  28. 28.Squeals when it bursts
  29. 29.Putting signs by, the names that have had a rebuke?
  30. 30.Go wrong and you discharge the wrong person?
  31. 31.Hurried up, furious the sea was going out
  32. 32.Stop on a winding side street
  33. 33.Ate and ran
  34. 34.The denim confection, as well, will be popular
  35. 35.I mean to return the day after, losing no time
  36. 36.Having trouble from scratch
  37. 37.Amalgamated with again, having said one wouldnt
  38. 38.For “set-rate”, the figures entered
  39. 39.Understand the ladys coming back and hang about
  40. 40.Pulls in and discovers the L-plate has fallen off
  41. 41.Admits one fools people
  42. 42.Girl â€" a model â€" whod be no good as a fielder
  43. 43.Though out of step, sir, dont give up
  44. 44.Pink for a boy!
  45. 45.Doesnt keep the profits
  46. 46.One minute shes fine, next minute shes gloomy