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  1. 1.Frank has to ring a writer
  2. 2.One-sided favouritism, as in bowls
  3. 3.A place to be often in spirit
  4. 4.Exploits us two ways
  5. 5.Words cleverly spun around
  6. 6.Thats right, six months at Strangeways, initially!
  7. 7.Thats one team out of the way!
  8. 8.The air in a broken-down mine
  9. 9.Scottish cross-country runner
  10. 10.The stories in the books?
  11. 11.Unfavourable article on poetry
  12. 12.Being so stupid can make you most penitent
  13. 13.Ones own little drug store
  14. 14.Albeit thoughtless
  15. 15.Its called the sack
  16. 16.Few can thus express relief
  17. 17.To sum up, possibly less shellfish
  18. 18.Something saucy, soppy but not very quiet
  19. 19.The woman up the street
  20. 20.Theres nothing in the directions about wintry weather
  21. 21.Get together with James
  22. 22.Badly cut and partly burnt?
  23. 23.Its bound to be Edward thats out of line
  24. 24.Its a handy game
  25. 25.Mark I want to make
  26. 26.Get free
  27. 27.One of those fancy ideas
  28. 28.An old saw
  29. 29.A stunt riders double!
  30. 30.Beefy yet big-headedly sheepish!
  31. 31.Discarded means of making jam set
  32. 32.French producer of pictures
  33. 33.This hood doesnt last for ever
  34. 34.Dive in splashily, its lovely!
  35. 35.Entertainment that shows teams the way
  36. 36.Dai may be in a tavern with one
  37. 37.Are they all called Jack?
  38. 38.Home, where an old robber went on foot
  39. 39.How one spent holidays - or half of them possibly
  40. 40.As a saint, theres a vestment for one
  41. 41.Relax, sweetheart, when the sea is rough
  42. 42.For which shattered staves are matchwood?
  43. 43.Whereupon the players have no seats?
  44. 44.Generous inclinations?