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  1. 1.To do this in, presumably requires brawn
  2. 2.Work at the trade of laminating wood?
  3. 3.A union worker
  4. 4.Not drunk
  5. 5.Old saying of a cutting nature
  6. 6.Bonehead!
  7. 7.Make double (in sheep farming?)
  8. 8.As a soldier, he wasnt windy
  9. 9.Fur for sale outside the Boars Head
  10. 10.Tease a small boy
  11. 11.In the country, business with noisy members
  12. 12.Slippery, but they can be trapped
  13. 13.As an ingredient of gunpowder, can be a bit disconcerting
  14. 14.How nasty rattles can frighten one
  15. 15.Copy a piano key
  16. 16.Put in the shade, perhaps
  17. 17.Many chaps are out to be top performers
  18. 18.It can give a student a start
  19. 19.Fatheaded Delia foolishly flunked
  20. 20.Rendered invisible!
  21. 21.Queenly station
  22. 22.Anybody with a broken nose, possessing love for me
  23. 23.Larger birds displacing half the swallows
  24. 24.Little chap the French might see as bad
  25. 25.One takes it to heart
  26. 26.Send a couple of letters by taxi
  27. 27.Material yielding a turnover when mined?
  28. 28.Water in a tureen
  29. 29.Prickly girl?
  30. 30.Laid up with a nasty face!
  31. 31.Botanically, the most unusual palm on earth?
  32. 32.So woolly headed, this female!
  33. 33.If youre lucky, hell send you fifty quid
  34. 34.Around the weekend, disturb ones rest to make journeys
  35. 35.The equitable way to go
  36. 36.Invariably somewhat severe?
  37. 37.Its axiomatic that a run cant be finished in swirling mist
  38. 38.Badly sown, one must confess
  39. 39.A Miss by Agatha Christie
  40. 40.Valley of the Daleks
  41. 41.Badly affected by success
  42. 42.Heady associates of kind hearts