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  1. 1.The outlandish quote, "The beast within," is upsetting
  2. 2.Lose the opportunity of taking a girl on a date
  3. 3.Humanity needs time to cope with it
  4. 4.Make it, in your chosen career?
  5. 5.Juncture at which the losing player had some luck?
  6. 6.Call out "Rich has a gun!"
  7. 7.Spotted as it wandered back home
  8. 8.On a restored Degas, remarks we've heard often before
  9. 9.Also say I was brought in to be the villain
  10. 10.Treatment of the dog I mean to agitate about
  11. 11.Because one's wrong about the time of year
  12. 12.Take ill before appearing in and you stand in for
  13. 13.It's recessed, which is a disappointment
  14. 14.What the merchants are squabbling about?
  15. 15.Proving to be fabricating it
  16. 16.In danger, as a witch's life was, when there
  17. 17.Without Doctor Andrew again
  18. 18.I believe in having colour in the house
  19. 19.Tie to the cat
  20. 20.Many a yarn has been spun on these islands
  21. 21.A novice getting better all round at sport
  22. 22.Standing up to the woman is a different thing
  23. 23.Chucked into the sea? That's going too far!
  24. 24.Going round and being about to test-drive
  25. 25.Gives to the champion sow to demolish
  26. 26.The father I aim to make an ally of
  27. 27.Said how awful the ham was, cooked?
  28. 28.Prepared the toast, say, to have in bed
  29. 29.The tension shows in the music
  30. 30.Gave the impression of a paper made over by the editor
  31. 31.Led onto the vessel, looked furious
  32. 32.An article about fight losing for financial gain
  33. 33.The singer in a local one has it in for
  34. 34.Intend to sit for, to start with
  35. 35.Contrive to find someone who understands things mechanical
  36. 36.Having arrived, proceeded to make oneself a cigarette?
  37. 37.And, anyhow, shooting grouse is not without risk
  38. 38.Rotten fish is served up
  39. 39.Convinced there will be a nice package in the nice post
  40. 40.Work out what's behind it all
  41. 41.One or two people playing
  42. 42.Does it say "Artificial Diamonds"?
  43. 43.Hairdo that goes well with the tea-gown?
  44. 44."Insulting a friend is wrong, senor," you put in
  45. 45.Don't like taking notes before the exam
  46. 46.You may travel in one but not fast!