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  1. 1.Oriental pattern of cricket bat?
  2. 2.I say sir - what a good advert!
  3. 3.Where to be beastly, lying?
  4. 4.Something to give the dog, thirsty, with no water
  5. 5.Sunshine or a remarkable amount of rain
  6. 6.Pull up in the regular place
  7. 7.Not the sole list
  8. 8.Dance in a grass skirt?
  9. 9.Choosing to make a point with light heart
  10. 10.Distance competed over at some stage
  11. 11.Go slowly in the back garden
  12. 12.We get faultless service on the river
  13. 13.Where the penthouse is (Victors place)
  14. 14.New-style animal
  15. 15.Material dug up by miners?
  16. 16.Smoky city
  17. 17.Parliament of the true-hearted politician
  18. 18.Stop preparing for dispatch?
  19. 19.Could you knock the stuffing out of him?
  20. 20.Elsies option
  21. 21.Figure a big match to make news
  22. 22.Without commitment, its not bound to come to nothing
  23. 23.Pottery in pastel?
  24. 24.Refuse to admit some hidden yearning
  25. 25.Take a chance, girl!
  26. 26.Like the rent book?
  27. 27.Spreading dirt about coppers is a damaging thing to do
  28. 28.Too low to be easily grasped?
  29. 29.Ones promise to uncle?
  30. 30.Dress with grace
  31. 31.Good enough to get gilded, possibly?
  32. 32.Game not finished if stolen
  33. 33.Short of management
  34. 34.Frank has a letter to write
  35. 35.Cold colour
  36. 36.Insufficient wood for a fire
  37. 37.What the Severn has, and maybe the Ebro
  38. 38.Trying to get behind?
  39. 39.Study of gardening?
  40. 40.Be an officer like Sam Browne
  41. 41.Call at the coffee centre for a contribution
  42. 42.Depend on a soft-hearted response
  43. 43.In places, a tourist centre offers healthy recreation
  44. 44.It was anciently imagined to give a start in hydraulics