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  1. 1.He cried all the way to the bank
  2. 2.Professional players favourite match
  3. 3.It takes days to build a side
  4. 4.Antonios heavy heart
  5. 5.Loves a doors sound!
  6. 6.Having gold, a fellow can be generous
  7. 7.Flier, a role model to a motherless man
  8. 8.A pronounced contribution to radiation
  9. 9.For a joint contribution, figure ahead
  10. 10.Violas voice?
  11. 11.To a woman, a wine
  12. 12.A starter bound not to get on
  13. 13.Custom of riding?
  14. 14.Machine that gets you late and out of breath!
  15. 15.One thing to do with eggs in the kitchen?
  16. 16.Spot a misplaced bolt
  17. 17.Shoots a prude when there are saints around
  18. 18.They have educated masters
  19. 19.Encounter a doctor in a coat
  20. 20.Not to mention a London symphony orchestra
  21. 21.Its high and to the upper end
  22. 22.Restricts, the punishment convicts accept
  23. 23.Cannot a sailor be at Cambridge?
  24. 24.Is he keen to avoid duplicating a letter?
  25. 25.The result may be a certain brilliance
  26. 26.Not what youd call a free hand
  27. 27.Extra decoration in the saloon
  28. 28.Sort of writer with spirit?
  29. 29.Takes a knock
  30. 30.The drink that tastes salty
  31. 31.A blunder borne out!
  32. 32.The 51st catalogue?
  33. 33.Lines from overseas
  34. 34.A deity in authority
  35. 35.Of ball ammunition, singularly?
  36. 36.Saint Simon - a knightly character?
  37. 37.Late afternoon refreshment?
  38. 38.As you think wise, raise fees for it
  39. 39.One giving guidance for the farmer?
  40. 40.Perhaps the last thing that might strike you
  41. 41.Low-down way of doing things at headquarters?
  42. 42.As an experiment, attempt to get away