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  1. 1.Lacking mobility and out of a job
  2. 2.Very funny cry?
  3. 3.Stand for a holdup in picture production
  4. 4.If you want to be watchful, drink less than a quart
  5. 5.Its worn, so we got out with a bad limp
  6. 6.Cold, maybe; but theres some warmth
  7. 7.Regards as a key agreement
  8. 8.Archer, perhaps
  9. 9.The computer system, albeit full of holes
  10. 10.A somewhat less high-pitched cry?
  11. 11.Yearn to show a bit of panache
  12. 12.Appear to spy on James Bonds boss
  13. 13.An inspiring figure to guide the monarch
  14. 14.Beloved of many a listener
  15. 15.Music room?
  16. 16.We, sir, contrive to be better informed
  17. 17.Theres very little we have a key for
  18. 18.Cry uttered when the table broke?
  19. 19.Far from sacred Paganini piece
  20. 20.Is it torn from the tenants?
  21. 21.Might she speak Spanish for the wrong reason?
  22. 22.A mere menial but able to travel freely
  23. 23.Collect a great amount
  24. 24.Become a bit fidgety
  25. 25.That navigated by Crusoe?
  26. 26.In port, hangs around the œHotel Excellent
  27. 27.Theyre acid and possibly solemn
  28. 28.Drink to me and nobody else!
  29. 29.Something cut and dried
  30. 30.Be a good Dalek
  31. 31.Shop for some assorted posters
  32. 32.Star turn by rotters
  33. 33.Belief in hire-purchase?
  34. 34.Examination of the mouth
  35. 35.Aged holy man singularly accommodating to Billy Bunter
  36. 36.Mrs Halls boy?
  37. 37.Norwegian style of loaf
  38. 38.Long to finished the day and get paid
  39. 39.Had Shakespeare seven?
  40. 40.Present from nowhere!
  41. 41.Motherly pronoun
  42. 42.He can always ring up for cars
  43. 43.A movement regarded with contempt?
  44. 44.A beam bringing soldiers to a sticky end?