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  1. 1.Because wickedness ends in disgrace?
  2. 2.Optical device returned, sir, during the afternoon
  3. 3.One representing, for a long time, a theatre?
  4. 4.Kenneth conceals a hard heart from her
  5. 5.Do well in sewing
  6. 6.Wants to go right into hollow places
  7. 7.The goalie's name?
  8. 8.Place to turn up on Tuesday
  9. 9.Sean, acting as statesman?
  10. 10.Wealth, yes, but my heart's a bit lonely
  11. 11.Peter's money?
  12. 12.Game to provide vocal music for the French
  13. 13.He's in error, you know
  14. 14.Angry fellow, out of the race
  15. 15.Support a first-class head of department
  16. 16.At snooker, it means a rest for one's opponent
  17. 17.A unit of weighty material importance
  18. 18.Where to drive a decent distance
  19. 19.Old Jack's vessel
  20. 20.What Michael Faraday had, one imagines
  21. 21.It's like that great system we all live in
  22. 22.Organise a ladder
  23. 23.Wild bears, as in Scotland
  24. 24.It's bad when Les gets shifted out of town
  25. 25.One unconscious of being run over by a train
  26. 26.Survived to raise the devil!
  27. 27.Bit of a simpleton, you'll allow
  28. 28.Harasses the beasts
  29. 29.Ran off in dread, perhaps
  30. 30.A profit, and not for the first time
  31. 31.See uncle about a dirty trick!
  32. 32.The sort of fathead you want out of London
  33. 33.Remains loyal, or maybe switches
  34. 34.Goddess who was a match for Lucifer
  35. 35.Playing ball loftily?
  36. 36.You can sing this, but please don't!
  37. 37.Born in the Pyrenees
  38. 38.She has a line in fancy lace
  39. 39.A female fragrance
  40. 40.Bear disaster at Birkenhead
  41. 41.Ran out of men
  42. 42.In public ownership, say
  43. 43.To hug madly is difficult
  44. 44.Smart, and fed up with being out of money