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  1. 1.Catch some cod, with a bit of help
  2. 2.An astronomical giant
  3. 3.Not great pool of correspondence
  4. 4.Intensely northern?
  5. 5.Stop being sailorly?
  6. 6.Go up in joyous extremes as one exercises
  7. 7.Remains the highest among saints
  8. 8.Gets into a bad state
  9. 9.Military jumpers
  10. 10.Governmental title of two chaps out East
  11. 11.The limit?
  12. 12.Little less than a novel name
  13. 13.The paths one follows
  14. 14.As a singer, I could have done this all night
  15. 15.Sent to a despot, possibly
  16. 16.On the street, possibly said to be a cruel type
  17. 17.In the West, a duck at the cricket club gets one beaten hollow!
  18. 18.Sort of story or letter to edit specially for me
  19. 19.German cotton centre
  20. 20.Be noted as an industrious worker
  21. 21.Last of the carrots on the plot, perhaps?
  22. 22.Many may be left somewhere in South Holland
  23. 23.Said to have a soft centre with pleasant taste
  24. 24.Ruby perhaps, or maybe Meg
  25. 25.Showing strength by holding back a payment
  26. 26.In a way, this month
  27. 27.Form in which many twigs can be handled
  28. 28.Well, at least she isnt mousy!
  29. 29.A match for Lucifer?
  30. 30.Raises the upper end by a pair of lugs
  31. 31.Room to spread capes
  32. 32.Once the area of a back door?
  33. 33.This spinner could maybe get dad out!
  34. 34.Partner you can always back up
  35. 35.International line?
  36. 36.Of characters, a villainous one in the past
  37. 37.It suggests bread and wine
  38. 38.Studying under pressure
  39. 39.Dairy product possibly by the cup
  40. 40.Suppose Sammy lost his medal!
  41. 41.Stone jar containing some specimens
  42. 42.Non-vegetarian, is it bad for a pupil?