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  1. 1.The painting has been returned to once more
  2. 2.The cover-up woman is the problem
  3. 3.Always take it in good part. Don't worry
  4. 4.Drop back after the right turn, please
  5. 5.Not being a novice, he's not running in the race
  6. 6.Man with a degree in music
  7. 7.Categorise as students
  8. 8.Copy and I get a friend to frame it
  9. 9.Championed the conceited
  10. 10.Go off with the agent to have a look
  11. 11.The plumber's fantasy?
  12. 12.He maintains a uniform usually goes with his job
  13. 13.Give a seat to somebody who's standing
  14. 14.Either got dead worried about it or loved it
  15. 15."24" turns a little to give a sign
  16. 16.Fed up to find the ring isn't really gold?
  17. 17.Corroborate it's to do with business
  18. 18.The very good trees, treat differently
  19. 19.Anything but a bad hat!
  20. 20.Exceptionally quiet during the meal
  21. 21.In a terribly close round, break down
  22. 22.Shot in the avenue
  23. 23.Feeling of revulsion sneaks give you
  24. 24.Lets slip about the vehicle and is very embarrassed
  25. 25.Agrees to a change of name
  26. 26.Once more there to act as proxy
  27. 27.At that point, giving an exclamation of triumph
  28. 28.Book, though it's a formality
  29. 29.As an example, France is not bad
  30. 30.The porter is prepared to carry one for the entertainer
  31. 31.A ribbon, brightly coloured and narrower at one end than the other
  32. 32.Go on and on about how you're at home in?
  33. 33.Quits the flat
  34. 34.Say yes, it is about time to capture
  35. 35.Trip the fool attendant coming out
  36. 36.Ruin the opening
  37. 37.Goes along with, as the second date
  38. 38.Just as lovely
  39. 39.In about an hour, the murderer's in shackles
  40. 40.Be told the time has come to give encouragement
  41. 41.The fish swim back, hemming in the non-swimmers
  42. 42."A leisure activity that's beyond me," I put in
  43. 43.Having been sold, was demolished
  44. 44.Figures accommodation will include it
  45. 45.They don't open the covers
  46. 46.Not thoroughly out of sorts?