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  1. 1.District where theres a real shortage of money
  2. 2.A mildly shocking drink?
  3. 3.Distort letters in a word processor
  4. 4.Little shop opening at the retail centre
  5. 5.Its usually kept half walled up
  6. 6.Space in which to moor?
  7. 7.Standard indication of airworthiness
  8. 8.Beetle giving a sailor a bit of a scare!
  9. 9.In the river, Eds revealed as a weakling
  10. 10.Hardy monster?
  11. 11.Being a girl, and small, gets delicacies
  12. 12.One mans share of sophistication
  13. 13.Couple on the phone, maybe
  14. 14.Fictional character who took many chances
  15. 15.Noisy beast?
  16. 16.Thespian from York?
  17. 17.Attention from the editor
  18. 18.Corrigans place
  19. 19.A coned form possibly seen in church
  20. 20.Fun for fliers
  21. 21.Double portion of stew in a can
  22. 22.Sunshade in an armoured car?
  23. 23.Youve probably forgotten what they taste like
  24. 24.In flight, theres pointless hope
  25. 25.Brusque dismissal when uncles out of credit
  26. 26.Go round and list half the team
  27. 27.Standard illumination?
  28. 28.Tapering bodies with pointed sides
  29. 29.The difficulty in drug taking
  30. 30.Redeveloped part of Galashiels, in the East
  31. 31.Children, that is, kept in by Barbara
  32. 32.Tubes of paste
  33. 33.Though consulted, may make nothing clear
  34. 34.Extra cross?
  35. 35.This is me when I get anything wrong
  36. 36.Team we back with credit
  37. 37.Shakily grips a branch
  38. 38.Could be Alec from Mechlin
  39. 39.Language you can see with one eye
  40. 40.Sound of tapping metal?
  41. 41.Creatures reminding us that conflagration moves fast
  42. 42.He has a girl at Maidenhead
  43. 43.Delia, seen as perfect
  44. 44.High place for a bounder and a fathead