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  1. 1.Being anxious, perhaps, spends much time in hesitation
  2. 2.Careless enough to make half the lads cross
  3. 3.It's necessary to give numerous thanks to a novice
  4. 4.During wild gales, one gets fodder
  5. 5.Cute pal, perhaps, for Juliet's father
  6. 6.On edge, she may be rolling about!
  7. 7.Raises the children back at the bottom of the class
  8. 8.To close the shop is best
  9. 9.Now north of the border
  10. 10.Centre for rustic dancing
  11. 11.Harbour master?
  12. 12.Do drivers rush across it?
  13. 13.Those artistically frolicking in the dunes?
  14. 14.Outboard propeller!
  15. 15.Like a wave from the crowd
  16. 16.Pete, a courtly champion
  17. 17.Courses in computing?
  18. 18.A look of amiable eroticism
  19. 19.Worry about the guitar part
  20. 20.It's nonsense to say a doctor may be evil
  21. 21.Knowledgeable boy?
  22. 22.Though amused, maybe, she'd give a chap a stony look!
  23. 23.Like father's favourite?
  24. 24.In prayer, he's a shining example
  25. 25.She looks a star
  26. 26.The poetic William Butler
  27. 27.Bart, taking one in
  28. 28.A little lot, note
  29. 29.Living a teetotaller gets out of betting
  30. 30.An inclination to buzz off
  31. 31.One on contract as a jockey?
  32. 32.Form of crane with a pearly look
  33. 33.Aunt who expects you to have a fling
  34. 34.Dutch town, or an urban district in Goa?
  35. 35.Lease out equipment for artists
  36. 36.Chap from Lechlade
  37. 37.Warbeck made history by not quite being king!
  38. 38.Cut short, left work
  39. 39.Alexander Graham?
  40. 40.Of German, nominally, as Hindenburg had it
  41. 41.Meant to show purpose to the Editor
  42. 42.Clara, upset about Di being extremist
  43. 43.One planted by a humble worker at the very end?
  44. 44.Ring up for some time, or don't bother