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  1. 1.Given a drop from a can?
  2. 2.In central Harrow, the din is confused
  3. 3.Go in Cockney style
  4. 4.Information incomplete for an officer
  5. 5.Spots before the eyes
  6. 6.A nose for noise?
  7. 7.Be a sheep, yet attack!
  8. 8.Where bloomers get slashed
  9. 9.Dorothy wrote, say, a certain amount of verse
  10. 10.Skill in abundance?
  11. 11.Nurse in advance, lets suppose?
  12. 12.Was due to United getting no score
  13. 13.Corny, maybe, but unsuited to vegetarians
  14. 14.Do photographers run them off in a sprint?
  15. 15.A nasty death can never be popular
  16. 16.A French river and a South African one?
  17. 17.Drink can start you ruminating
  18. 18.Prepared to read about James Bonds boss?
  19. 19.Silly repetition?
  20. 20.Cut down part of the sum owing
  21. 21.Wherein its possible to hear a number of women?
  22. 22.Reach where you can have tea in a great setting
  23. 23.Dons idea of a joke?
  24. 24.A little dust detectable during inspection
  25. 25.Stray pets can give you a bit of a dance
  26. 26.Mistakes a deserter will make in time
  27. 27.Electricity I had for a burner
  28. 28.As felled with a loud cry?
  29. 29.Being no more, Antigone was against it
  30. 30.That woman in the Arabian Nights
  31. 31.Taken to them, is one relieved of filthy lucre?
  32. 32.Hes after a flier for certain dues
  33. 33.Revolutionary racer with œ12
  34. 34.To run out of ink, possibly, cannot be serious
  35. 35.He gets a zero mark
  36. 36.Garment to see on a master?
  37. 37.A private person?
  38. 38.Can be likened to bites out of the coast
  39. 39.None can match her goodness
  40. 40.Such sticks are burnt
  41. 41.A scholars old-fashioned pop
  42. 42.Nominally high-sounding fellow?