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  1. 1.Shes greyish and may turn paler
  2. 2.Pretend to be discerning?
  3. 3.By numbers
  4. 4.Rants wildly about mountain lakes
  5. 5.Form of meat loaf maybe containing a lump of fat
  6. 6.Stately booze up?
  7. 7.Come down and brighten up
  8. 8.Swells loud during a soft composition
  9. 9.A double somersault would be too much for him
  10. 10.State electricity?
  11. 11.A noisy but honest business
  12. 12.A particular way to make time
  13. 13.Ian Lees girl?
  14. 14.Centre of the arts
  15. 15.Favouring some show of force?
  16. 16.The look of one left for ever?
  17. 17.Being superstitious, a muleteer has one
  18. 18.Paid and unpaid, maybe a romp
  19. 19.The style to accommodate a girl, mister!
  20. 20.œLong means more than twelve months
  21. 21.Stay out of bed for gymnastic exercise?
  22. 22.Feeling no end upset, being catty
  23. 23.Listener named for identification
  24. 24.Many a measure is a sure thing
  25. 25.Throw out that dud vet, I see!
  26. 26.Garment a soldier is allowed
  27. 27.Narrow water, the line to take in crossing
  28. 28.Disgraceful tale to read to a backward lad
  29. 29.Around the quarter deck, could be the dinner gong!
  30. 30.The choirmasters daughter?
  31. 31.A corny combination, but colourful
  32. 32.Investigate how 5 got into the river
  33. 33.Dog fit to be not beyond help
  34. 34.A sound boat-race crew, as at Chiswick
  35. 35.The score to win by in the cold season
  36. 36.It gets a track athlete nowhere
  37. 37.Jack causes me total confusion
  38. 38.Fake note " what a pity!
  39. 39.When Ida Fry packed up for the weekend
  40. 40.Best way to get out of debt
  41. 41.Batch of trainees at the point of arrival