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  1. 1.The man has cunning, also courage
  2. 2.Related in revised form
  3. 3.Welsh anthem in an unfinished arrangement
  4. 4.A duck, flat out, will certainly not sink!
  5. 5.Unlike water, it can't really run cold
  6. 6.To the south, a German river!
  7. 7.Someone to keep up with?
  8. 8.An upper class girl takes it in charge
  9. 9.Horrify a very quiet chap
  10. 10.Time lost in a crooked deal with a Yankee
  11. 11.Allowed to sound Latvian
  12. 12.Honour a chap as king
  13. 13.In haste, I got out of the rain
  14. 14.Wine tasting feature
  15. 15.Disagreeable number just finished
  16. 16.Composer whose stage widow was notedly merry
  17. 17.Struggling home late, almost, this gives one an inner warmth
  18. 18.Having major trouble with a wart!
  19. 19.They help make the inner man happiest!
  20. 20.On which one may flop in a low dive
  21. 21.Where, in hope, we pray
  22. 22.It's funny how, between centuries, I'm out for a duck!
  23. 23.Beast retiring with a broken toe
  24. 24.They're heard to make a terrible stink about a bit of trouble!
  25. 25.Possibly stainless tin opener used during a meal
  26. 26.A shed, or rail terminus at a seaside place
  27. 27.As worn by a master crook initially?
  28. 28.Seemingly noisy line?
  29. 29.Fine places built around central Spain
  30. 30.Pink substance to see in the mouth?
  31. 31.Is less harsh when, once again, money gets sent astray
  32. 32.Delay dad getting employment
  33. 33.If you want a bed, count a French one out!
  34. 34.Being fresh and bright, is looked up to
  35. 35.To Charlie, a source of guidance in a boat
  36. 36.Opened, revealing the mixture inside the pudding
  37. 37.Swag hidden in Waterloo terminus
  38. 38.Behind the right ear
  39. 39.Such a body, one may imagine, is out of this world!
  40. 40.On spilling a jar, the great man gave a cry!
  41. 41.Show off, unwisely, to father dear
  42. 42.Lift up belly in prize pool
  43. 43.Pass for a senior officer
  44. 44.Strike a bit of an idiot as fast