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  1. 1.They give general assistance to a first-class fellow
  2. 2.Chatter quietly at speed
  3. 3.Abode rebuilt with sun-dried brick
  4. 4.That which makes beer heady?
  5. 5.Start to plead for an end to pain
  6. 6.She's in the nest
  7. 7.One centre of continental capitalism
  8. 8.Regions where the weather favours a number of trees?
  9. 9.New deal for Mr Jones
  10. 10.Does he hunt for customers?
  11. 11.Being dismally deprived of home handyman work, means little
  12. 12.A little drink from a siphon
  13. 13.Warning in advance
  14. 14.Something heady about Harrow?
  15. 15.Authority I had for certain material
  16. 16.On TV, is he a square?
  17. 17.Tends to produce possibly damaging impressions
  18. 18.Vessel turning about?
  19. 19.Chap making a name by showing his invention to the French?
  20. 20.That little old county
  21. 21.The hat check girl's little hole in the wall
  22. 22.Timber-producing plan by the French
  23. 23.Haughty fellow with money
  24. 24.The sport of shooting at flying 'saucers
  25. 25.Produce cutlets at a rapid pace
  26. 26.A meal, with a bit of luck, on the way to church
  27. 27.Capital of the Hanseatic League?
  28. 28.It's not true about a donkey being a dog!
  29. 29.Foolishly fail to get out of the way at last!
  30. 30.It's wonderful when mother joins Joe and Calvin
  31. 31.Operator in serious error
  32. 32.Anyway, it's not the part of Ireland where lire can be in circulation!
  33. 33.Each titular head needs to do so
  34. 34.Free use of Braille
  35. 35.Nevertheless, it's put up by £50
  36. 36.The ruined remnants of abandoned brides!
  37. 37.Are they silly enough to get fatally fat?
  38. 38.It's red, perhaps, so go ahead!
  39. 39.Left a woman on the corner - flat!
  40. 40.But not afraid to be emphatic?
  41. 41.To a male, can suggest porridge