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  1. 1.Figure the bank's accepted the duds
  2. 2.Attacks so it scuttles into the shack
  3. 3.What the highest of the high are
  4. 4.Again having got across
  5. 5.Gracious! Is that "5" ringing?
  6. 6.Tries at first, when one is a witness
  7. 7.The best dressed again will be in hats
  8. 8.Had got better, one learned
  9. 9.A reliable firm
  10. 10.Getting tight, see as the best part
  11. 11.Insect that won't necessarily take to the air?
  12. 12.They happened to get the flat way back
  13. 13.Do go to class to be like all the others
  14. 14.Killed by the masseur?
  15. 15.Not enough to implement a change of title
  16. 16.Is it less burdensome than a box of matches?
  17. 17.How the ghost appeared at the stroke of midnight?
  18. 18.Is it torn from the tenant?
  19. 19.Blast! It's making the baby cry!
  20. 20.The freight, try to get onto the vehicle
  21. 21.Go back into the refuge
  22. 22.Try to get the temperature raised to the same degree
  23. 23.Liking to excel
  24. 24.Possibly a fiver lost to a sweetheart long ago?
  25. 25.Gosh! A hooded figure!
  26. 26.Having caught and got its teeth into the robber
  27. 27.The light breakfast carried up does come as a surprise
  28. 28.Would finding it in a pram worry you?
  29. 29.Builds and the secret is out
  30. 30.It's very smart. You can't say more than that
  31. 31.The pensioners hector like the devil
  32. 32.One's young days, one-hundred years ago!
  33. 33.Yearn to be the one in possession of the hot tip
  34. 34.The gooseberry and peach concoction neither sent back
  35. 35.They work in the theatre, but not as strippers!
  36. 36.Said "Terrible racket outside," with scorn
  37. 37.Ushered outside again and it was wet
  38. 38.Drunk in bed in France
  39. 39.Fruit the warder wouldn't allow the prisoner to have?
  40. 40.Is that a grandfather clock, grandfather?
  41. 41.Spurt out when you cut gently into it
  42. 42.Change the rod
  43. 43.It's very wearing, you say emphatically
  44. 44.Remain doggo and don't reveal the truth yet
  45. 45.What the kitchen cupboard reveals is a shock
  46. 46.VIP giving one a broad grin!