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  1. 1.Hurt as one rushed to get out of the rain
  2. 2.Hes a regular guy
  3. 3.Do monkeys have a box of them?
  4. 4.Natural feature getting a girl in near frenzy
  5. 5.Location of the fringe of Surrey
  6. 6.Wrong part for a brass instrument
  7. 7.Tryingly irascible
  8. 8.You can knock the stuffing out of them, chaps!
  9. 9.Tibetan girl?
  10. 10.The ones in the frame?
  11. 11.Hardly an atheists farewell!
  12. 12.The horse, when wild, detested all but Ted
  13. 13.Ready to play, darling?
  14. 14.Executed many a person
  15. 15.German location of bridge over parts of the Danube
  16. 16.Joint holder
  17. 17.Get part of the story wrong and its nonsense!
  18. 18.Robinsons change of course
  19. 19.Providing wine during the musical performance
  20. 20.Those little delays dad exploits
  21. 21.He can speak Italian or sing madly
  22. 22.Where men have something to sing about
  23. 23.A great trumpeter
  24. 24.Being œway out is no longer the thing
  25. 25.A party always means fuss
  26. 26.At No.1, he may have no peer
  27. 27.In which swimmers may finish up canned
  28. 28.Biblical city of strange moods
  29. 29.Any disruption is negative
  30. 30.The way some things are badly grown
  31. 31.An act to go for?
  32. 32.Familiar instrument with a colourful sound
  33. 33.Set out with a posh car some day
  34. 34.Revolutionary design for a tram
  35. 35.So the Americans had a famous bandmaster
  36. 36.Dead wrong about the tango being old-fashioned
  37. 37.Spots before the eyes!
  38. 38.One French article, possibly Italian
  39. 39.Its natural to take tea, perhaps, at the tavern
  40. 40.Act up on a journey, as a supporter
  41. 41.Just one point ahead, was the victor
  42. 42.On which to advertise toothpaste?